Is Newly Single Butita Shooting His Shot At Azziad?

Fans take note

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Azziad and Butita
Rumor has it that Eddie Butita and Mammito are no longer together. Eddie is certainly embracing the bachelor life as fans spotted something between him and Azziad Nasenya.  

Fans took to the comment section to console Azziad for losing her pair of sunglasses. One familiar name also popped up in the comments to share his take on what happened. Butita took to the comment section to reveal that the two were together when she was shooting the video.
Butita noted that the next time they make such a video they will close down the road so that Azziad could have an easier time doing her dances. Azziad responded to Butita noting that the comedian repaired the glasses for her, confirming that they were indeed together. 

Fans were quick to take note of Butita and Azziad messaging each other as they shared little cheeky comments of their own telling Butita that they could see him shooting his shot at the beautiful social media influencer. 

As mentioned earlier Butita and Mammito are rumored to have broken up. Butita recently had a chance to clear the air about whether they are apart or not.

He was doing an interview on Oga Obinna’s KulaCoolerShow where, instead of addressing the rumors, he made a startling revelation about Mammito after the host asked him whether they are still together.

Obinna noted that the rumor around town is that the lovely couple is no longer together. Butita noted that he does not answer relationship questions when he is alone. He added that the day he will do an interview alongside Mammito is the day he will talk about their relationship. 
The host went on to press Butita about the issue, asking him why Mammito hasn’t been as active on social media of late. This is when Butita went on to let it slip that Mammito might be pregnant. He went on to clarify that when women become silent it’s because they are gearing up to make a big announcement.

When Obinna asked whether he and Mammito were planning to get married, Butita responded by letting him know that: 
“when we do a wedding we will send you an invite and you will be the Mc”. 

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