God Is Great! Take A Look At Azziad’s Photos Before Fame

She made it!

By  | Dec 15, 2021, 09:37 AM  | Azziad Nasenya  | Top of The

You know her as one of this year’s biggest entertainment breakthroughs. Azziad is popularly known as the girl who made the #UtawezanaChallenge go global and viral. Her star instantly shone brighter, and within a few months, she was allegedly charging over Ksh. 100,000 per Instagram post for brands wishing to advertise with her.

Azziad went on to bag a TV show hosting gig alongside fellow content creator Mulamwah. Her followers on Instagram blew up in numbers. At the time you are reading this, she has 695k fans on Instagram and 604k on TikTok. That’s over 1.2 million!

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Her TikTok hashtag #azziad has over 62 million views at the time of this publication. She is undoubtedly one of the most influential young Kenyans out there!

What people don’t know is that she has been a content creator for a while. She had been doing a lot of TikTok because she loves it. In a past interview with Ghafla, the internet personality revealed how she came to be a sensation after the #UtawezanaChallenge video she did go viral.

“It’s something that I do frequently. It’s just fun...I enjoy doing that. So when I see a new song and I love the beats…I just hype up and do the videos. I was just doing what I do normally,” she revealed.

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Fame comes with its own ups and downs. Her being an all-round positive girl hasn’t made her immune to online bullying and clashing with netizens and native celebs. When she became famous, her phone number leaked and she allegedly received over 17,000 messages on WhatsApp.

Recently, she was a hot topic after she turned down Vivianne’s request to promote her song for free. The feud seems to have been settled as Vivianne ultimately came clean and blessed the 20-year-old and wished her the best in her work.

As for her past, we have come across some hot pics of hers from over a year before she became famous. She has always been beautiful, naturally. Her smile is to die for. Here are her photos from early 2019:

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