Azziad; "I Was Famous Before Utawezana"

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Kenyans all love a great rags-to-riches story. Anything that shown the importance of the classic Kenyan hardworking spirit is always a go in the books for most. After all, isn't hard work what our nation was built in? Isn't ingenuity and finesse the cornerstones of our country?

A feature that seems to be themed around, however, is the hard work and the resilience Kenyan women seem to be having, especially in the entertainment industry. Come on, you know girls are ruling that world, and you would be wrong to discredit them. Think Zuchu, Sarah Hassan, Cartoon Comedian, Betty Kyallo, Akothee. Women are winning in so many ways more than one! They are getting the bag and staying in it, rolling in cash and spoiling themselves in self-love.

Can't have enough of that? I guess by this point at the mammoth height of her career, Azziad was due to speak out about her story.
Speaking with Mwalimu Churchill on his Youtube Channel Churchill Show, Azziad has taken to revealing her life experience and what left her to this point in fame in life.

According to the video, Azziad had been a girl who was very active still in her school's Drama festivals and was thankfully encouraged by her teachers to really pursue her talent in that aspect, a thing that set the ball rolling for her in her life. She then completed High School in 2017 and instead of sitting down at home waiting for her university, she decided that she was going to sign up for acting and theatre sessions with a theatre group called The Hearts Of Art and started acting with them.

There, she reveals that she had been acting for a very long time, with this group often being seen at the Kenya National Theatre, Alliance Francais, Pawa254, and many others.
She even revealed that that was when she got her manager, not even before she found herself in the clutches of fame and fortune. She also made a point to emphasize she was not boastful, it was just the way things were set up for her.

Upon joining the university, she also found herself in Power House, a theatre event where she played the lead role and even won the best actress award, saying that she even remembered that it was Abel Mutua wand Star Chebet who handed her the award, so no, she wasn't new to awards

Azziad was thrust into entertainment at the tender age of 19, but instead of cowering under it, she took it by the horns and made a household name of herself. She has been n some online skirmishes with infamed musician Femi One over who actually made what bigger socially, seeing as Azziad got famous after her TikTok dancing to it went viral, but the jam Utawezana also got way bigger after she danced to it.
Spoiler, many people believe she was the one who made Utawezana big. 
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