Azziad Caught Red Handed

Embarrasses herself!

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So many times, celebs do all they can so that they can make themselves appear in a certain way. They undergo plastic surgeries to look a certain way. For those who can’t afford cosmetic surgeries, they opt for photoshop. They use photoshop to fine tune their faces and different parts of their bodies. Fans always have a keen eye for everything that celebrities post. They will zoom in to every detail on a photo and then critic. Mostly, with so many negative comments. 

Tiktok queen Azziad Nasenya’s name is on everyone’s mouth after she was caught using photoshop. There is no doubt that Azziad is one curvy celebrity. However, apparently, all that she has been posting is just fake. One of Edgar Obare’s followers has revealed that one of Azziad’s latest photos has been tweaked to make her appear a certain way. 

In one particular photo, Azziad is seen wearing a checked jumpsuit and a white bodysuit. From the photo, she is posing on the side and she is flaunting how ‘blessed’ she was. The photo is filled with a lot of comments from her fans praising her how good she looks, little did they know…..

Azziad became famous after her video of her dancing to uwezana by Femi One ft Mejja. Since then, the twenty one year old has been working with some of the country’s major brands. She has also been offered a series of roles in movies, plays and adverts. Ever since she became famous, she has managed to stay away from controversies. Compared to other upcoming young celebrities, it is safe to say that she was better off than most of them. Currently, she is a radio host.  A position that she secured due to the name that she has built herself. 

Azziad is not the only celebrity who has been accused of photo shop. Kate actress, AKA, Katherine Kamau was once accused of enhancing her hips so that they could appear bigger. Compared to her other photos, the truth is that you could see a difference. She was weirdly big. However, as it was expected, she denied the claims and said that she would never fake anything on social media. 

Today, celebrities are normally careful about what they post on social media. Fans have developed a keen eye. With the Edgar Obare mafia, you will be exposed within minutes after you have posted an image. For Azziad, it seems like she was not careful enough. 

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