Avril's Complete Life Change

"you get to certain realisations waaay later in life"

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For many Kenyans, the decision to completely transform your life from being filled with anxiety, depression, trying to fulfill societies standards, and the pressure to achieve a goal to a fresh life living at peace with yourself, accepting your flaws, and empowering your strengths is one that takes an unimaginable feat of strength on the part of the doer, considering how cruel life can be on these Kenyan streets.

Here's a whopper; that problem affects celebrities as well. In spite of all the pictures all over Instagram clad in beautiful gowns, smiling ear to ear, enjoying life, and blowing cash on the regular, celebrities also have anxieties,  self-esteem problems, relationship problems, and they too have standards they feel pressured to live up to.
Singer/songwriter Avril took to her Instagram account later this morning to reveal to her followers that she was finally at that turning point in her life.
in a picture revealing a glowing Avril, clad in a multicolored deep-v necked maxi dress, with hair and makeup styled to perfection, and gently caressing her hair while smiling brightly at the camera, she expressed her resolve to live an authentically happy life.

she captioned it;
 "Good morning fam. You get to certain realisations waaay later in life. If you get to them earlier then good for you! youve saved yourself so much heartbreak,
Mine is no one can love me more than i do me. Nothing and noone can fill any emptiness i feel inside me, and if they do its just for a moment. What happens when its taken away or leaves or there's no access to it anymore? It has to start with me. Only until you can love yourself yourself truly and thoroughly can you give love."
It may not be too far-fetched to believe that the caption was geared towards a relationship that brought forth a need in Avril to invest in herself and her son. After a string of heartbreaks; from her rich South African ex-fiancee then getting a baby-daddy instead of a whole loving family like she had dreamed of, to being attacked for her post-baby weight gain so much so that she went on to make a statement, it may be right to say that has received her fair share of public humiliation that many understand when she says she prefers to keep her life extremely private now in spite of incessant showbiz celeb curiosity.
Nonetheless, the songstress still manages to keep her fans happy by providing them with constant eye and ear candy through back-to-back musical bangers and photoshoots.

Many of her devotees have turned to keen mental health followers and have come to see her as a helping guide in their own mental health journeys on her #reflectiondays tag.
@ejiajhaguchuru i also realised i have to be there for myself
@rozwanjohi Spot on! also in this season, Such a revelation
@fenic.the.don you only got yourself! tafuta pesa kwaanza
@cikushieks i can only count on myself #selflove#reflectionday #goingwiththeflow flow
@ana_trizah_kambui #it has to start with me
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