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Girlfriends come through

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Comedienne and social media influencer Anne Kansiime pleasantly surprised her fans when she went to her Instagram account and announced her very first pregnancy with long-term boyfriend Tukahiirwa Abrahams aka Skylanta, causing an uproar in congratulatory messages and well wishes from her devoted fans.

The blissful union between the two began when, according to Skylanta on his page on Youtube, Anne was at the club spending a lot of money on drinks and having fun and he opted to join in because, why not? Doing as love commonly does, they ended up having undeniable chemistry and the two fell deeply in love.
The 34-year old had been divorced from a four-year marriage to Gerald Ojok due to "going in too fast without thinking" as said in an interview with Radio host Massawe Japanni at that point for 11 months and was said to not be seeking anything new but it was inevitable.

Just three days after her massive announcement, Anne made a send announcement; the child was a boy and they had in fact already had the baby shower ceremony to which she uploaded several merry pictures.
 The first pic displayed a glowing Anne in black biker shorts and a white oversized dress-shirt with what seemed like an ocean of blue behind her standing in front of a blue banner with a cartoon of a small ninja and working that went 'Little Ninja On The Way' while cradling her round albeit hidden belly.
 The rest of the pictures in the post were of Anne individually posing with several gorgeous ladies who recognizedly, frequently appeared on her Instagram page and may be presumed to be her closest girlfriends all stunning in different blue outfits and lovingly holding the obviously excited soon-to-be mom's belly, in smiles or pompous laughs.

in the album, she said;
 And there's no time to spare as we make way, make way for the little ninja to arriveπŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€
 Our cool Antiz are already inline to receive him.
 These ladies, appearing sporadically throughout her profile are clearly important to her, with her frequently posting them as #squad and seeing as they perfectly coordinated their outfits to match the occasion, must have organized it, and the event did not look cheap! such is what girlfriends do when they are just as excited as the mom-to-be!
Indeed these are the girls my mother warned me about!!!!
How they all ended up my personal people is a story for another day.

One thing I know for sure tho, I know they gat me atleast nearly half as much as I know I gat them.

I have several goals in my life but u my #Squard are my goal keepers!
I know there are other devine friendships out there but nothing beats the bond created by women in support of each other.

May you continue to challenge me, encourage me, and allow me to use you, abuse you and miss use you as u in turn finish me completely.
I love you girls.
 Many fans are now more than eager to meet the new Ninja in Anne and Skylanta's home!
@nimu1703 i cant imagine the happiness around we give the glory to God only
@charity_musonda Waiting patiently
@hellenlukoma Yes yes boyyyyyyy wululu
@fredgustamukpee Happy for you dear congratulations and wishing you safe delivery
 The wholesome couple even decided to make her his little crib themselves signifying the kind of loving, hands-on, and active parents they will be.  

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