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What a million dollar lifestyle looks like

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Anerlisa Muigai leads a million-dollar lifestyle and from the look of things, it is fabulous beyond belief. The Keroche Industry heiress was not born into a world of plenty but her parents worked and earned the lifestyle and she was young enough to ease into it.

And when we say she leads a princess lifestyle, we mean the Disney princess experience that a lot of us dreamed of having as young girls playing in our tutus and tiaras.

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Let us delve into what her lifestyle looks like and marvel at just how opulent it really is. And the cues we will use for our deductions are:

Her Rolex watch

Anerlisa Muigai owns a genuine Rolex watch, and an entry-level one of these timepieces retails at Ksh 300,000. Her version looks like the Lady Datejust. That could easily have set her back a whopping Ksh 800,000.

Her Ksh 70,000 perfumes
Anerlisa Muigai recently showed off her signature scents and when she was asked what type of gift she would appreciate from an admirer, her response was one of her signature scents; Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume. That scent costs Ksh 70,000.

Her multimillion shillings car collection
And we do mean cars (plural). Her parking lot looks like a Ngong Road car yard.

Here we can see her taking a phone call right next to a Land Cruiser 4x4 and her daily driver, her Range Rover is right next to it.
And as we mentioned above, she has a Range Rover Evoque which is her daily driver:

But her crown jewel has to be the Maybach Mercedes which we only get treated to seeing very rarely.

Her expensive taste in champagne
Anerlisa Muigai only imbibes the finest drinks. Her favourite -judging from the number of times we have seen them feature in her IG stories- are Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades)

At the end of the day, Anerlisa Muigai has been through a lot of ups and downs in the past year. From her getting married to Tanzanian star Ben Pol despite the Coronavirus ravaging East Africa to them putting out a joint music video dedicated to her.

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Eventually, however, they ended up going their separate way after Ben Pol filed for a divorce. This caught most of their fans off guard. Anerlisa eventually subliminally placed the blame for this outcome at Ben Pol's feet.

And now it seems her ex-husband has moved on and is seeing a new lady. At least one thing is clear about all this and that is the fact that Anerlisa is completely over her ex and is enjoying her single life. We know this because she is constantly complaining that too many men keep jumping into her DMs. She is spoilt for choice.

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That said, she has lived one of the most charmed life and honestly, I can not say I know anyone who wouldn't switch lives with her in a heartbeat. Kwanza venye hizi shida zangu zimenisonga kama ugali.

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