Anerlisa Muigai Goes After Toxic Fans

What is she saying?

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Kenyan businesswoman and Nero Water CEO Anerlisa Muigai recently took to her Instagram stories to share her disappointment with some of her entitled fans who crossed the line while interacting with her in public. She expressed her dissatisfaction with some of their behaviors and offered advice on how to act appropriately around public figures.

Firstly, Anerlisa asked her fans to respect her space and not use her phone to follow themselves without permission.

She explained that it was inappropriate for people to show her their Instagram pages through her page and choose to follow themselves back without asking for permission first.

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In addition, Anerlisa also requested that her fans refrain from asking for her personal phone number when they meet her. She advised them to use business cards instead and let her call them back if she was interested in their business. Anerlisa added that she found it annoying when people insisted on asking for her personal number.
Lastly, Anerlisa asked her fans to stop asking for free products or services and not to expect mentions on her social media pages. She emphasized that her page was her personal space and that she should not be expected to tag or mention anyone just because they had bought something from her.

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It is not uncommon for public figures to be bombarded with requests for favors from fans, and Anerlisa's message is a reminder that they are also entitled to their own privacy and personal space. As a successful businesswoman and influencer, Anerlisa has built a brand around her personal life, and it is important that her fans respect her boundaries.
Anerlisa is the founder and CEO of Nero Water Company, a leading bottled water brand in Kenya. She is also a successful entrepreneur and influencer, with over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Her story is an inspiration to many young people who aspire to be successful business owners and leaders.

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Anerlisa's recent message to her fans is a reminder that public figures are human beings who also deserve their privacy and personal space. She has built a successful brand around her personal life, and it is important for her fans to respect her boundaries.
Anerlisa has been using her platform to inspire and motivate her fans, sharing her personal journey and offering advice on entrepreneurship and personal growth. She has also been involved in several philanthropic activities, including supporting cancer patients and funding education for underprivileged children in Kenya.

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In addition to her business ventures, Anerlisa has also been open about her struggles with weight loss and body image. She has been vocal about her journey to a healthier lifestyle and has inspired many of her fans to do the same.
Anerlisa's success story is an inspiration to many young people in Kenya and across the continent. As a successful businesswoman and influencer, she has proven that hard work, determination, and a strong sense of self can lead to success in any field. Her message to her fans is a reminder that success does not come without boundaries, and it is important to respect the privacy and personal space of public figures.
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