Andrew Kibe Blasts Kamene Goro For Constantly Posting Her Boyfriend (Video)

Shots fired.

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Controversial YouTuber Andrew Kibe has taken a swipe at Kiss FM's breakfast show host Kamene Goro claiming that she is desperate.

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According to Kibe, who was Kamene's co-host at Kiss FM and NRG Radio, she realized that time is not on her side when she turned 30 and that is why she has been posting videos and photos with her alleged boyfriend DJ Bonez.

"Did you think you would ever see Menjez' boyfriend? Before she turned 30 did you think you would ever see her boyfriend? No, because there was no desperation. 30 has a way of shaking women. They shake a lot when they get to 30. They go into full panic mode

"Every time a woman goes above the age of 25, she morphs into something else. Women have this transition, they always transition from one thing to the next. By the time they get to 18, they transition. They pull off that shade of nonsense and they get a new covering," he stated.

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Further, he stated that Kamene could have just picked anyone to show people that she has a partner, adding that she has been freaking out.

"This woman can go and take anything. Any taka taka from anywhere just to parade that idiot in front of people. I thought you were bringing an Otile here. What is this you are bringing? Get me a Frankie, not this nonsense.

Notably, this is not the first time that Kibe has publicly attacked Kamene. In January this year, the voluptuous lass revealed that she had to block him because he became too toxic.

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Speaking during an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Kamene stated that she tried to keep their friendship alive after they stopped working together but she could not because of his constant attacks.

"I don't miss Kibe. Recently, I tried to maintain our friendship after we stopped working together but he just became really toxic of late.

"He has been out of the country and I have no idea what is going on. When he started attacking me and dragging my name into his mess. I was like, yoh! I am just here minding my business," Kamene explained.

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Asked if she has beef with Kibe, the media personality revealed they had no bad blood and she even wished him a happy birthday last year.

"Beef? Nothing, I personally had no issue with him. The last time we spoke was on his birthday to wish him. I told him to stop putting my name on his mess but he did not stop, so, I blocked him," Kamene averred.

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