Amira Stuns In Brand New Luxury Car

It's raining money

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Amira, the first wife to Jamal Rohosafi Amber Ray’s second ex-husband has been glowing the heck up and you won’t guess what she just got for herself in the name of cold hard cash!

Amira posted a video today that sent all of our gossip senses tingling, so you have to see it too!

She took to her Instagram stories to upload a video of herself in her brand new car –a gorgeous new Porsche!

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She recorded herself simply driving (something she literally never does) a new car, only to show the logo of the hot wheels being, and take this, a shiny spick and span Porsche logo smack dab in the middle of the steering wheel. 

In the stories, It seemed like she was going for an easy lunch at a luxurious looking location before heading to a car wash lot to have her new wheelie baby cleaned off (probably from all of the joy driving she’s had from that new car excitement she’s been feeling!) before driving back home. 

Being the down to earth Amira that we all know and love, she did not make an announcement to her fans and neither did she give the details of the car such as exterior pictures, the make, the price… she didn’t even say when she got herself a new ride. She just did the darn thing and kept it moving!

Amira has had a pretty rough year up to a month ago or so. She had been involved in several clashes with Amber Ray who was the self-proclaimed second wife to her husband Jamal. The two had been having rising tension over several months on social media, with Amber taking several Jabs at Amira (whilst simultaneously getting tons of hate on her social media for allegedly ruining a happy family), calling her distasteful names, and hinting at the lost friendship they had had.

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All the while, Jamal and Amber were all over social media as the newest (and, arguably, most disliked) couple in the block, curious to banish stereotypes about marriage and quick to ignore the haters.

All of these activities soon led to a meltdown between the two that was heavily publicized on social media, shooting them to the top of the trending list, yet again. Amber was even forced to move out of their shared housing complex.

Ever since, Amber and Jamal broke up and it seemed like Amira had her husband to herself once again and were said to be on good terms. But Amira and Jamal have neither denied nor refuted these suspicions. 

Well, it seems like Amira has been on nothing else but on that healing journey and being a #ambassadorofpositivty! 

She is well known for handling several businesses at the same time –she has an Arab wear boutique, a natural skincare boutique and her timeline is a business marketplace as well! 

Her fan commented on her wheels congratulating her and she simply responded -yes, let's normalise women celebrating women!

Talk about a woman being on her grind!

It is more than evident that she is only focused on her growth and happiness and she looks better than ever. Bah to the bankruptcy rumours.

Go Amira!

Wonder what big purchase she’s going to have next… maybe a bigger mansion for her and her boys? Let’s wait and see. 
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