Amina Abdi's Most Hidden Past Uncovered

Things you did not know about Amina Abdi

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Amina is a rampant Kenyan media personality. She is an award-winning TV and radio host, MC, voice-over artist, singer and songwriter. This, besides being a loving wife and committed mother to her son.

How Amina juggles her jobs in her career is still a puzzle to many. She hosts several shows on different stations. Some days she has several shoots for different shows, and she still manages to switch up her character and outfits smoothly. Here are 6 things you did not know about Amina:

She wanted to be a lawyer

Amina confesses that her dreams as a young girl were to be a lawyer. Things, however, changed when she enrolled on a radio school that had just been launched by Homeboyz radio after completing high school.

While there, she worked extra hard since the best student had been assured a position in the company. This is something she set her eyes on and ended up being given a position as a presenter. It is also at this place where she met her husband, DJ John Rabar.

Her weight loss journey

After giving birth to her handsome son called Tumi, about seven years ago, Amina naturally gained baby fat, as is a norm for many mothers. Sometime later, she made a thudding come back to the screens, having lost the baby fat, looking more stunning and fit than ever.

Her return was the talk of the town as fans were demanding that she reveals her secret to effective weight loss after giving birth.

She married her boss

You have probably watched movies or read books about girls who fall in love with the CEO, get married and live happily ever after. This is Amina’s story. A real-life experience of marrying your boss. 

Amina’s husband, John Rabar, is not as vocal as herself on social media despite being a renowned DJ. Rabar is a prize-winning voice-over artist, MC, singer, songwriter, DJ, TV and radio host. It is no wonder they found themselves to be soulmates as they are both evidently multi-talented, and their careers coordinate perfectly. While in school at Homeboyz, she impressed the bosses and ended up being given her own show. 

It looks like the DJ was beyond impressed.DJ John Rabar co-owns the station with his brothers. Amina’s husband is the CEO of Homeboyz radio, a station founded by Myke, Rabar’s elder brother, and co-owned by the Rabar brothers. 

The two started dating then and later went on to get married in a huge ceremony. She no longer works for him, though. The couple was blessed with a bouncing baby boy in 2014. They are an example of juggling a busy career with family.

She loves cooking

Amina’s love for music and fashion is public domain. But what does she do when she is not hosting a show or emceeing an event? Amina states that she loves cooking and spending time with her family. She has shared some of her exclusive recipes in the past on her social media. Her son loves her food fondly. She has posted videos of her picking up or dropping her son off at school.

Amina is not from a wealthy family

The multi-talented media personality lives quite a lavish lifestyle. From posh cars, expensive wigs, shoes and matchless outfits, one can conclude that she is wealthy. Of course, her many gigs that unquestionably pay well facilitate this lifestyle. Unlike popular belief that she is from a wealthy family, she actually had to work her way up. 

She did her best job in the Homeboyz radio school to a point where she would stand in for senior presenters when they did not come into work. The Trend presenter shocked her fans when she posted a photo of her in a frame with her biological parents. 

She reveals that her father had been in and out of hospital for a while, adding that she works so hard because she is basically the breadwinner in her family. 

Amina’s life story is very touching, considering her humble beginnings and sheer determination to succeed in life.

She was the first East African celebrity to host AMVCA’s

Amina was bursting in joy and disbelief when she was selected to host the 7th Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards along with Ike Isakioduwa of Nigeria. In that respect, Amina became the first East African celebrity to claim the role. 

It was no surprise to her fans as she hosts several shows and events, including The Trend, Turn Up, and Coke Studio Africa. It’s due to her dominance in the media industry and impact on the society that she was named one of the 100 most influential Africans in 2018.

With all these accomplishments, Amina is what we call a self-made modern-day success and a living legend.
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