Amber Ray's Immature Ways Get Her Paid

Method to her madness

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Amber Ray
Socialite Amber Ray has revealed why she posts playful content on her social media channels. The star revealed that her immaturity gets her paid, and until she starts getting money from being serious she’s not going to change any time soon. 

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Amber Ray made this announcement as a caption to a video recording posted on her page. The star is dancing and having fun in the video, while clad in a revealing leather outfit
In her follow-up post, she lets people know that she wants to be remembered as a fun mother who enjoyed her life, and not one who was always facing troubles in her life.

Amber must have been in a mood, she posted a third video with a caption letting her fans know that her birthday was just around the corner and she had already started the count down.

The star was certainly keeping true to her words, and having fun. Her fans took the time to shower her with love, using different emojis to express their love for her.

Amber Ray is always keeping it light with her posts on social media. A tactic that has seen her gain over a million followers on her Instagram page. Apart from keeping it fun, the star also keeps it sultry with her posts and her fans appreciate this a lot.

When it comes to making money, Amber might have a tip or two to give. The star recently copped herself a car that’s arguably worth almost double what her Jeep goes for and her fans were in pure disbelief over it!

Amber took to Instagram to surprise her fans with the debut of her brand new Land Cruiser V8 engine, you know, just in case they thought she fell off!

She began with a post of herself rocking brand new bedazzled acrylics while driving but this time there was something new –the steering wheel she was holding was completely different from the jeep we are used to.
She did not talk much about the car, or even mention it, making people think that it probably wasn’t hers, but as it turns out in a video she uploaded later in the evening, it was the brand new member to her now 2 big-boy car collection. She posted a second video asking her followers “okay guys, which one do I pick?” while unlocking both cars which were in the same lot, looking ultra-grandiose next to each other.


The wheels, which are said to be worth around KES 8 million and a whopping KES 12 million, are pristine white with silver trims and sleek all-black interiors. Classy.
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