Amber Ray, Jimal's Vacation Costs More Than Your Rent

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Amber Ray and Jimal
It seems Anber Ray and Jimal Roho Safi are back together, however, the two are keeping their relationship a secret. The secrecy though hasn’t stopped them from having fun as they have been spotted on vacation together.

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The two were spotted on vacation by BNN Kenya’s Edgar Obare and his students The tea master posted a picture of the sightings on his Instagram page to let the world know what his students' had dug up about the, on again off again, couple. 

Even though the evidence is a bit blurry BNN Kenya ran with it. On closer inspection of Amber Ray’s Instagram page, we found out that the star is staying at the Waterfront in Mombasa, Kenya.

Sema expensive


The Waterfront, which is described as serviced apartments and the cost of staying there isn’t affordable to just anyone. Staying in their cheapest apartment which is a one-bedroom could see one part with anything from Kshs 18K to Kshs 30K. 
Screenshots from The Waterfront Residence website.

The residence also has a two-bedroom option which ranges from Kshs 25K to Kshs 39K for the guests. 

The three-bedroom option would see guests partway with anything between Kshs 25K to Kshs 50K.

The most expensive option at the residence is their penthouse which ranges from Kshs 50K to Kshs 100k for whoever chooses to stay there.

Knowing Amber and her love for the finer things in life, it wouldn't surprise us if everyone's favorite socialite and, her supposed vacation buddy, Jimal Roho Safi were staying in the most expensive option.

An Amber Ray day

The star seems to be having fun on her vacation as she is posting a lot of pictures and videos to keep her fans in the loop as to what is going on in her life.
In some of the pics and vids, however, someone is clearly taking them as they can be seen roaming around with the camera to get the perfect angle of Amber, which we assume isn’t hard, as she is beautiful and all angles are bae.

It’s the fact that not all her pictures are selfies that are raising suspicion amongst fans. Seeing as Jimal is now a single man, as Amira confirmed they were officially divorced, the two should be okay to have fun together, if at all they are together. 
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