Amber Ray Is Mom Goals

The definition of a perfect mom

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Amber Ray took her teenage son out to dinner yesterday for a good ol’ mommy-son date and if anything, it’s showing just how much of a great mother she is to her little boy.
To many, Amber Ray may not exactly be… the kind of celebrity they would choose to emulate when it comes to certain decisions regarding morality, for lack of better words.

As a mom with a boy old enough to make his own decisions or make his own way in the world, one would think that he would have certain resentments against her due to her err... perceived reputation in the public -but you would be dead wrong. Amber must certainly be doing something right in raising him because contrary to what you might expect him to feel about her, he treasures her very much and regards her more highly than anyone else.

Amber makes it known that she has not just desensitized her son against the sometimes awful comments and treatment from their haters, she has equipped him with the resilience and the know-how to survive it.

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Two months ago when the situation between herself and Amira Jamal’s first wife came to a head, Amber did one of her famous ask me anything tags and was asked how her son manages to stay strong when many women and men all over were attacking her for being a ‘husband snatcher’ and allegedly  ‘breaking the family of another woman.’ To this, she responded to the tune of he was ‘her son’ and that she had taught him that the things that were important in the world were loving himself and focusing on being successful. She was also asked what her son would do if she was not around anymore and she basically said that she had given him her ‘spirit of a hustler’ and that she knew he would be just fine, even laughing it off.

Amber is also very obviously close to her son. She isn’t just a present mother, she also plays with him and makes an effort to integrate herself into his life, even talking about relationships and school –kind of like a mother and a best friend in one. The best kind of mother. She’s also posted many times on her Instagram stories the two wearing silly pyjamas, having movie nights in with some popcorn. Even dance sessions. How fun!

She also invests heavily in his education. Just several days ago, Amber posted that she had found the perfect new school for her son. She described the place as ‘very welcoming, warm, accommodating, beautiful,' –it sounds more like a resort spa than a school of learning! Oh, what many of us would give to attend such a school in our youth. She didn’t mention the school out of safety for her boy. Oh, and did you know he does IGCSE, and not the gherro 844 many of us were taken through…

Not to mention, he always has the illest drip and the freshest clothes…

It is more than obvious that Amber takes being a mom even more seriously than she does being a social media influencer. You go mama!

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