Amber Ray Is Done With No Effort Men

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Are you toxic? Puts no effort in relationships? Well, newsflash- you are the kind of man that Amber Ray wants to put aside because she is over it! During a question and answer session with her fans, (she normally has so many of these nowadays by the way. Too much time in her hands or what?) Anyways, back to the QnA, she asked her fans to make an assumption about her and she was going to reveal whether it is true or not. One fan said she seems like the type of a person who won’t stay in a relationship for the sake of it because she has self-respect.   
The mother of one said that is true. She made it clear that she is aware that relationships have their ups and downs but still, both parties need to put in the effort. If she is willing to, then she thinks you should as well. If not, you are free to go your way. She went on ahead and said that she doesn’t believe in suffering in relationships just because the relationship has been there for some time. No. Amber Ray says she is not about that life. Never has been, never will be.

Amber Ray is currently single, at least that’s what we want to believe, she said so, didn’t she? She is currently living her best life, enjoying each day as it comes. Judging from her Instagram she is not going to let not having a partner come between her and enjoyment. She has got a newfound friendship with Phoina and I am going to announce again that if these two need a third person for the team, I volunteer. They spend most of their weekend having fun making us all jelly from our beds like, I wish I was there as well.
She is currently enjoying herself somewhere along the coast and her latest Instagram stories are making me rethink my life. What am I not doing? What am I doing wrong? Amber Ray has a quote that she goes by daily, life is for the living, and for sure, she is living – thee best life. It has been a few weeks since Amber Ray revealed that she had broken up with businessman Jamal Marlow, or Jamal Roho Safi if you like. You thought she was going to stay away from social media and sulk like some people we know? Of course, she was not going to do that. A few days after the breakup, she announced that anarudi soko very fast, if you know, you know.
As she is on vacation at the moment, her followers have noticed something. Amber Ray still has Jamal’s name tattooed on her back. Err, sis….? Have you ever tattooed your partner's name by the way? Did ya’ll break up? What happened next? Anyway, could this mean anything? I’m trying not to get there because the two made it clear that they called it quits. But why does she still have the tattoo? Moving on, in another life, I would want to be Amber Ray, how she is a free spirit that won’t let negativity bring her down. We all need to borrow that.

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