"It's Tough Being An Independent Woman In This Economy" - Amber Ray Reveals

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Socialite, entrepreneur and influencer Amber Ray reveals she is ready to finally settle down for good. The mother of one says she is tired of being an independent woman especially during the current tough economic times.

The socialite who has a lot of following on social media has been attracting attention from a lot of Kenyan men some with the money and power to afford her very lavish lifestyle.

“Okay, the economy is no longer suitable for me to remain an independent woman. The time has finally come. I am now considering listening to you niggas for supplemental income. I’m ready to settle down , this time I mean it!” She captioned her post on Instagram.

Amber ray has been recently spending time with who many thought was her new man one MR. Kennedy Rapudo. The two have been spending a lot of time together fueling rumors that she had already moved on from her Sierra Leonean basket baller ex.

It is not clear what really caused the two to break just months after getting together. Maybe they were just not compatible or maybe Amberay should have listened to Kenyans who advised her not to get in bed with West African brothers.

While her ex claims to have already moved on, he still has a lot to get off his chest. And as we all know Amber, she has no shied away from engaging in an online war with him. From claims that she does not shower to her being extra with her sexual cravings the guy has not held anything behind when airing their dirty linen in public.

Amber Ray has also always hit back at him responding to each of his claims and even making accusations of her own.

Amberay got into this relationship quickly after her separation from Jimal Rohosafi that took Kenyans by surprise. The Kenyan social media sensation has been the subject of all manner of scandals in Kenyan. 

The latest one being questions over whether she artificially enhanced her body parts. She was quick to dismiss such claims in a recent interview with Oga Obinna on his YouTube show. She claimed she is all natural and that’s just how they come from Kambaland.

In the interview with Obinna, she revealed how she got her son with her first love but their relationship did not amount to anything in the long run. She also claimed that she had to do a lot of odd jobs in order to survive before her fortunes changed.

She revealed that she has gone through a lot of financial difficulties that many of her fans would not believe because of her current lifestyle or the perception they have of her. 

Many people usually come out to question what these so called socialites do for a living. They always live very lavish and flamboyant lives that they don’t shy from showing off on social media. It seems the tough economic times have had an effect on even them.

We are not sure if she is really searching for a man or it is one of her clout chasing antics on social media. 
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