Amber Ray Urges Her EXs To Move On

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Socialite and businesswoman Amber Ray has some words for her EX lovers. Amber Ray, while speaking to Divalicious on Friday, August 5, said that her Ex-lovers should move on.

"I have few words for my Exs. Please my Exs we had a good time together so guys just let it be that," she stated advising that all of them should focus on the good times they had but find some satisfaction in moving on.

"Tuache mauchungu and everything. You can never destroy me with what you think that you have on me," Amber Ray revealed. She said," Let's love and focus on what we had and everything nice."

Amber Ray was also supported by Divalicious, comedian Eric Omondi's persona on the show, who stressed that the ex-lovers should move on.

"By the way me niko na wewe," Divalicious said. The comedian almost forgot her persona and had a slip of the tongue. "Ni vile hio story sikutaka kuingilia but as a... Karibu niseme as a man," Divalicious corrected.

Amber Ray seemed to direct her sentiments to her bitter boyfriends with her former Sierra Leonean lover coming into focus. Ibb Kabba, her ex-boyfriend, had a nasty break-up with the socialite and went online to demean her.

Kabba who is a basketballer from Sierra Leone came out to bash Amber Ray for what he claimed was her excessive sexual urges. He claims that she wanted to have sex anywhere and everywhere without minding the surrounding.

He also claimed that she does not clean up. Ibb said that Amber Ray does not shower as much as she should. We are yet to figure out if he was speaking literally or just being metaphorical because the number of pictures Amberay has posted in bathtubs and showers tell another story.

It is not clear what really caused the two to break just months after getting together. Maybe they were just not compatible or maybe Amberay should have listened to Kenyans who advised her not to get in bed with West African brothers.

Amberay got into this relationship quickly after her separation from Jimal Rohosafi which took Kenyans by surprise. The Kenyan social media sensation had been the subject of all manner of scandals in Kenyan. The latest one questions whether she artificially enhanced her body parts. She was quick to dismiss such claims in a recent interview with Oga Obinna on his YouTube show. She claimed she is all natural and that’s just how they come from Kambaland.

The socialite has in the recent past been seen in the arms of businessman Kennedy Rapudo, with their Public Display of Affection confusing her fans.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo seemed to be having the best time of their lives. The two stepped out arm in arm as displayed on Kennedy Rapudo's Instagram stories on Friday, July 29.

Businessman Rapudo and socialite Amber Ray excited their fans as they displayed their affection as they attended a friend's wedding. The two showed up for their friend Lawrin Komy who was getting married.

They have never defined their relationship after they dated for less than three weeks and broke up. They show up for each other most of the time and it is yet to be known if they are dating.

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