Amber Ray Openly Flirts with Ex Lover

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Socialite Amber Ray seems to be feeling the cold as she revealed on her Instagram account. In a post she made on Saturday, July 23, the socialite replied back to her ex love interest Kennedy Rapudo who had commented on her post.

"Mali yako," Amber Ray replied to a comment that was made by Kennedy Rapudo, her ex boyfriend. Kennedy Rapudo had commented to a picture that Amber Ray had posted by using love emojis.

Rapudo commented:👌🏽😍😍

Amber Ray seemed excited by Rapudo commenting on her post that she replied and had her fans second-guessing their break up.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but If you can record yourself crying…there's nothing wrong with you.🤣Go take a nap! 😅" she captioned the picture.

One fans saw the comment Kennedy Rapudo had made and also contributed by confirming that Amer Ray did look good in the picture.

Rozzymin_jay said: @kennedyrapudo Jaber is Jaber🔥

Amber Ray had posted a photograph of herself in a thread-made red and black skirt that had seeve-like holes in them exposing her skin. She also had on that wonderful smile that had her fans thirsting after her.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo had broken up three weeks ago after dating for a short period of only three weeks. The two deleted each others photos on their accounts and also unfollowed one another.

The socialite Amber Ray, real name Faith Makau Mutua, had been the talk of the town since she unveiled her new bae in mid June. Amber hooked up with Kennedy after a nasty split from her then Sierra Leonean boyfriend IB Kabba.

While little was known about Kennedy, some sources indicated that was in the import business. Over the past three weeks, we go to learn a bit more about the man too- as he fiercely took on and defended Amber Ray against fan comments which suggested he was hooking up with a philandering woman who would do him dirty.

When a fan said about Amber Ray, "Amepiga mileage mingi sana," Kennedy retorted saying, ""Don’t be bitter, be better . Let’s try and give more love and less hate, it’s good for your soul."

IB Kabba was bitter when Amber Ray broke up with him and warned that any man getting the socialite was unlcuky.

“I feel sorry for anyone getting my ex. I hope you can clean her up tell her to take a shower all the time and stop living fake life on social media,” he wrote on his Instagram stories, and added, “And stop having sex in the bushes while driving, and even having sex in the car. She really needs to grow up. Good luck to you."

He even went ahead to suggest that her ex girlfriend does not shower to which Amber Ray went to the bathroom and replied with a video of her bathing.

Amber has been involved romantically with a number of local public figures including; musician Brown Mauzo, politician Zaheer Jhanda and businessman Jamal Rohosafi. Kennedy Rapudo joined the list of scorned exes when they broke up.

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