Amani's Look Will Shock You

"Mbona amezeeka hivo?"

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When it comes to music royalty, we can do everything but what we are not about to do is not give out flowers to the people in the throwback section! From the likes of E-Sir, Nameless, Jimw@, Nonini, and everybody that gave us the kind of music that made our early 2000's, Kenyans never fail to appreciate the people that introduces us to the world of music and the creators of the music that we once loved and adored!

On the top of the list, however, comes Amani, one the biggest stars in the country and the woman that shaped music as we know it from back in the early 2000s. Not only did Amani pave the way for many other female artists the likes of Avril and Marya, but she was also a fashion icon -many people that saw her claimed that she was always around in designer clothing, always wore the highest of heels, and had the most stunning and flawless of legs! A phoenix, paver of ways, a beauty and fashion icon, a superstar in her own right, and a daughter to two pastors while at it!
However, in the midst of the die-down of the music from the 2000s and the era of music from the west began, things like crunk, modern hip-hop, trap soul, and the rest, Amani seemed to disappear into the background. She stopped making so many appearances, she stopped being so performative. It almost seemed like she faded into the background and stopped being the Amani that everybody knew and loved.
What's most difficult about this situation was that for many of her fans, it was not that hard to forget about her. It was a tie when the industry was in flux with a ton of new artists that had been producing their own amazing music. Not to mention, It was now the age of the internet and we weren't confined to one genre of music or nothing.
However, Amani just got out of the rut that she seemed to be in. Just yesterday, a video posted of her on TikTok made its way onto many Kenyans For You Pages -and many Kenyans are intrigued indeed!
It seems as if Amani has become... old.

Not appropriately old (you know, the kind where celebrities age but not really and somehow maintain an air of youth and youthful vibes about them) but more of, she could be your mom aging.
She appeared on a TikTok channel called Cleaning The Airwaves and was talking about how she found herself on the top spot! She looked beautiful and confident and spoke eloquently and described how to become a great artist the same way she was.
However, the comments were not nice at all.
Many of them muttered out loud that she had aged, calling her a 'shosho' and some of them wondering what she had been doing all this time.

Granted, she is about 45 years old at this point so she wouldn't look like a young girl, but she was trolled almost mercilessly in the comment section. 

What do you think of her new look? Was she right to have disappeared from the entertainment scene and focus on her normal life? 
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