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Akothee just told social media how Nick Mutuma came through for her as a friend amidst the social controversy surrounding him and it goes to show some pretty interesting things…

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Akothee took to her Instagram today to send a message to her apparently newly dear friend Nick Mutuma in a post that will probably have you reaching for your tissues. The post, which was a thank you to the actor and content creator was all about her appreciation for how he came through for her in what seemed like a hectic night where everything went wrong for the musician. 

In the post, Akothee revealed that she was extremely desperate three days to the celebrations of the first anniversary of her charity Organization Akothee Foundation. According to her, she was so frustrated, she began losing sleep because it was looking like things would not go as she had planned.

She went on to explain that in the midst of her despair, her boyfriend Nelly Oaks advised her to call Nick Mutuma for some help in hopes that this would turn things around for her, and he did exactly that! 

She revealed that Nick jumped on the issues she was facing Production-wise and came through with an entire team, making the event seamless. In the post, Akothee told Nick that she was forever indebted to him for his support and even showing up to the event with his entire team to see everything through for her. 

This comes as a big surprise because Nick Mutuma has been in the hot seat on social media for a while now following the allegations he has been faced with -some concerning sexual harassment with Koome Gitobu’s girlfriend, which recently resurfaced), leading to numerous #cancelNickMutuma hashtags making the rounds.

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Nonetheless, it seems that these allegations have not phased Akothee at all, who went on to purchase his services any way… much to the disappointment of some of her fans.

You see, the whole point of a #cancel hashtag is to make sure that the subject does not get jobs in the industry any more, especially when it concerns matters of trauma. 

And this has worked, thus far. Nick Mutuma has had several celebrities back out on him career and friendship wise ever since the allegations came out in 2017. Of these, Patricia Kihoro has been extremely vocal about her disproval of him, and through her twitter, revealed that her friendship with Nick was from then on term9ntaed. 

That was sadly unsuccessful, as the movie went on to experience a level amount of favourable results. Not much, but it wasn’t bad, per se. 

However, it seems that with the help of Akothee, Nick seems to be thriving and his reputation has stopped taking such blows. In fact, he looks full of life.

What do you think about Akothee’s support of Nick? Too much or has he faced enough backlash? 

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