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Akothee was born Esther Akoth in Migori, Kenya, on April 8, 1980. She started high school at Nyabisawa Girls School but dropped out in Form 2 after absconding with her now-ex-husband.

Akothee returned to Wasio Mixed Secondary School in 2004 to take her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

Before becoming a musician, Akothee worked as a cab driver and a seller.

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Akothee's net worth

"Madam Boss", as she commonly refers to herself, is one of Kenya's wealthiest artists, with a net worth of Ksh600 million.

The artist owns a beach resort in Diani, a real estate firm, a Sh80 million home in Rongo, numerous high-end autos, and a tour company.

Akothee has amassed a sizable fortune since divorcing her destitute Kisii husband fifteen years ago. She's been married several times, but despite her personal turmoil, her drive for wealth hasn't waned. She is the wealthiest Luo musician in Kenya.

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Akothee Safaris

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Aside from singing, the singer also makes a good living from her tour and travel firm, Akothee Safaris. The firm is completely registered and licensed in the tourism industry.

It handles leisure and business travel for people of various ages. People can save the hassle of preparing by having the company arrange and schedule their tours and travels. It handles airline reservations, hotel reservations, and transportation. It also offers event planning and management services.

Akothee's net worth has, over the years, improved significantly because of this.

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Aknotella Entertainment and brand endorsements

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Esther has amassed a sizable following on numerous social media platforms since landing her big break in the music industry. People like her sincerity and fearlessness in contentious situations.

This has seen her attract advertisers who have paid her a lot of money which has significantly added to Akothee's net worth.

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Real estate business

The celebrity recently announced the launch of her new real estate company, Aknotela and Akothee Homes. Currently, the company is building luxury homes for sale.

Akothee's Background and Personal Life

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Akothee came from a poor family and spent the majority of her youth in Migori. After graduating from high school in 2004, Akothee relocated to Nairobi to live with her husband, who had been caring for their three children while she completed her secondary schooling at Gachie Secondary School. 

In Nairobi, life was really difficult. They were even compelled to beg for food and other necessities because they couldn't afford to live comfortably.

Cooking pots, cooking sticks, clothing, and beds were even supplied by their neighbours. Fortunately, her husband found work, which meant that their lives were going to change for the better. Her husband left her and their three children for another woman on October 6, 2006, which shocked her. Akothee was a single mother at 26-years-old.

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Akothee travelled to Mombasa town to live with her brother, divorced, hurt, and broke. She became a cab driver, which completely transformed her life. One day, while working as a cab driver, she picked up a passenger from Zurich, Switzerland.

The Swiss man became her boyfriend in the end. He even took her back to her homeland. While she was with him, Madam Boss gave birth to her fifth kid, Okoth. However, the couple split up nine months later. With the desire to pursue music as a career, Akothee packed her possessions and returned to Kenya.

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