After Her Exorcism Saga, Rose Muhando Is Back And Looking Fabulous!

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Gospel singer Rose Muhando is back on social media after taking a break to focus on herself. Muhando, who started recording in 2004, has blessed many with her songs but last year, she went viral after a video of her being prayed for by Pastor Ng’ang’a made headlines.

Well after her long absence from the ministry; Ms Rose Muhando is back and this time around she is not playing games.

After her exorcism saga with controversial pastor Ng’ang’a, she went on to release a song named ‘Kenya Ulindwe’ to thank Kenyan people and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

She said her song Kenya Ulindwe, was dedicated to Kenyans to thank them for the support they had accorded her among them President Uhuru Kenyatta. She also told Jambo Kenya that Pastor Ng’ang’a, gospel singer Anastacia Mukabwa and businesswoman Esther Muchemi who sponsored her song Yesu karibu kwangu were some of the people who supported her the most.

Rose came to Kenya a while back and was hosted by Reverend Natasha.
In a previous interview the Tanzanian singer had revealed some shocking details about her life. Muhando had been accused of devil worshipping and drug addiction. 

Muhando said that her former manager spread the drug abuse and devil worshiping allegations after she refused to have sexual relations with him. She also talked about her life being in danger as the people behind her misery tried to force her to accept things she didn’t want to mention to the public.

“Kwani mara ngapi nimechukuliwa nikapelekwa milimani, nikapelekwa msituni nikawekewa bastola kichwani nikubaliane na kile ambacho sitaweza kulisema lakini nilikataa nikasema niko radi kufa lakini hata kwa dakika moja siwezi kubaliana na utumwa ambao walitaka kunitumikisha nao, siwezi!. 

(I have had a gun pointed on my head and being forced to accept to do things that I cannot mention on radio…)

Another rumour was that Tanzania gospel singer Essau was her son. Muhando rubbished those claims and stated that none of her children were musicians. Essau’s rise has been boosted by the fact that he branded himself as Rose Muhando’s son.

The veteran gospel singer has released a song with Size 8 dubbed Vice Versa. The song was released on November 24th and has since garnered over 50, 000 views on Youtube hours after release. The Nipe Uvumilivu singer brings her effusive energy in the music video and Size 8 matches her powerful voice, creating what would be one of 2020’s biggest gospel hits.

After the release Size 8 said;

“God by His mighty hand has gotten through the den of lions, the fire of King Nebukkadnezza and the hot flames of persecutions. Without His grace, we could not make it. Let's all praise Him.” 

Rose Muhando shared some gorgeous pictures of herself promoting the new song and fans could not believe how beautiful she had become.

Last time she was seen publicly, she looked weak and skinny, but the new Rose is looking all types of marvellous. Her comment section was filled with love from her fans, praising her new look.


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