What Should You Do On Valentine's Day?

It's time to show yourself some love.

By  | Feb 14, 2023, 01:17 PM

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Valentine’s Day is here. How many of you are stressed because you don’t have a partner to share it with? Normal as that may be, YAZA took a different approach to it. Our theme for the day is ‘Fall In Love With You’ because we want you to remember yourself. 

We spend so much time looking for someone to love us and forget that we matter. We forget to return the favour to ourselves and we end up disappointed. Before you extend the expectation to someone else, make sure you can do it for yourself.

To that effect, we have prepared a series of articles to help you do this. 

Loving You Right, Valentine’s Edition.

This article will give you tips on how you can learn how to put yourself first. From talking to yourself in a positive way to going out of your own way to take care of your needs, this is the level of self-love we are talking about here.  

Why Self-Love Is The Key To Finding True Love.

As we’ve mentioned above, stop looking for validation elsewhere. It’s time to look for love within first before you seek it in others. If you love yourself and know your worth, you will always attract the best of the best.

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Single Or Not, You’ve Always Been Loved. 

We keep focusing on couples during Valentine’s. What about all those people, like your friends who’ve been with you through thick and thin? Don’t you think they deserve to be celebrated?

Why Valentine’s Day Isn’t The Time To Find Love.

Are you looking? Please stop it. Don’t get someone just because you want to show us on Insta that you are in a relationship. You’d better wait until this season is over. Who knows, probably the guy just wants you for the night. 

6 Women, 6 Valentine’s Day Stories.

When we tell you that you shouldn’t let being singleness block you from celebrating Valentine’s Day, here’s what we mean. This article shares the plans of the author, Leila, Shirleen, Cindly, Kelita and Bubbly. 

What’s On Your Valentine’s Day Playlist?

Finally, we curated a playlist with some of the best songs you can listen to and dance away this Valentine’s. Nothing can lift your mood and make you feel understood more like a song. 

Single On Valentine's Day?

You might be sad about not celebrating Valentine's with anyone but when you look back on everything, you might be the happiest. How? Well, how much money did you save? Did you have to move up and down looking for gifts? We outline reasons why you should enjoy being solo today.

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