The Curse Of Tusker Project Fame

Former contestant are miserable

By  | Nov 25, 2020, 08:29 AM

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When Tusker Project Fame (TPF) debuted in 2006, organisers of the reality show promised their East African viewers the next big regional music superstar. 
 But after six seasons, very few of the contestants have done much with their career. Most of them have found themselves in very sad life situations.

It seems that being in the academy only brought them bad luck, the contestants of the show may say that platform was a ‘poisoned mic’

Tusker Project Fame is an East African reality-singing competition show sponsored by Tusker Lager. The show was similar to American Idol.

Ruth Matete

She became a household name after winning the fifth season of the singing reality show. However things went south when she squandered all her money. She had won Ksh.5 million.
While speaking about squandering her money, Matete revealed that she contemplated suicide following the loss. 
David Ogola aka David Major

The former heartthrob had it all at some point. He was in the second season of the reality show but did not manage to get to the top. 

He released a few songs before disappearing from the limelight. He was found years later living in the streets as a homeless man. He is said to have been addicted to drugs.

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Alvan Gatitu

Singer and internet sensation Alvan Gatitu formerly of Tusker project fame had been thrown out of his house over rent arrears.

In a video clip that he shared in July, he admitted that he had defaulted on rent, water, and electricity bills in recent months due to the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on his job.