South African Celebs Who Went To Jail

... and you would never guess the reasons why

By  | Jan 12, 2022, 04:53 PM

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Many of us adore people we see on TV, such as musicians, actresses, painters, and professional athletes, and children look up to them as they grow up. Despite this, a few of them make mistakes that on occasion finds them in legal trouble. Some of these well known faces are able to escape the consequences of their acts because of their celebrity status, while others are not so lucky and receive longer, and more worthy, sentences.

Here is a list of some South African celebrities who have been caught red-handed on the wrong side of the law.

If we didn't start with Molemo aka Jub Jub, we would not be doing this list justice. Jub Jub, was arrested back in 2010 and was given a ten year jail sentence, when he and his friend caused a fatal car accident that left four children dead, and another two with brain damage. When the incident took place, Molemo and his friend were allegedly high on drugs and alcohol and decided to go car racing near a school. The rapper only served four years of his sentence before he was released.

After his release, the rapper reinvented himself and his image by becoming a media personality and hosting his own reality show called Uyajola 9/9. However, this reinvention did not last long as trouble found the rapper and he was involved in a controversy, which cost him suspension from his job.

Actor MacDonald Ndou from the popular series Muvhango sent shock waves across the South Africa when he was arrested. The actor was accused of a long list of crimes ranging from impersonation of a police officer, corruption, extortion and kidnapping - such serious crimes! This all happened when he and his friends were set up by a businessman after trying to obtain a bribe of R100,000.

Although Ndou was released as investigations continued, his co-conspirators remained in police custody. Following the drama, Ndou moved on with his life and even began a family.

Next on the list is world renowned DJ Black Coffee. In 2015, the superstar got himself in trouble with the law when he was caught for speeding, he was driving 80km/h over the speed limit. Black Coffee justified his recklessness by claiming he was rushing home to be with his family in time for Christmas. Thankfully, he was not imprisoned, but he certainly learnt from his mistakes.

Another shocker on the list is international comedian Trevor Noah. Despite his current status as a national treasure, the comedian had a difficult childhood and even more difficult adolescence. Trevor Noah was arrested when he was a teenager, and he spent a week in jail before being released on bail. What's even stranger is that the young Trevor was arrested because he was spotted driving a wrecked car from his stepfather's workshop and was accused of stealing a car.

With their successful professions, you'd never guess that some of our favorites have had run-ins with the law and even spent time in prison.