Sauti Sol Get Back Together

Fans left in jubilant spirits as the group collaborates once more

By  | Nov 10, 2021, 10:17 PM

Sauti Sol
Barely a month ago, legendary boy band, Sauti Sol announced plans of going their separate ways. The group had announced that the four of them would all be going their separate ways to work on their projects.

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Apart from using their more prominent group Instagram account to announce their separation, each member used their personal Instagram account to announce their first foreign residency in the UK, dubbed the Alone-Together international tour.

This was supposed to be their final tour together. This next part in the group's evolution, according to Sauti Sol, was designed to accommodate their natural growth, both individually and collectively. In the UK, the tour will be a four-part series that will include both musical and visual art series that will educate their followers about who they are as individuals.

Well, some good news for the fans is that Sauti Sol has gotten back together, the bad news, however, is that they are not back together to sing. We’ll let that sink in for a while…

Some more good news is that the group has come together to collaborate on a musical and artistic project. They announced on the group Instagram page that they had earlier today, at the formal launch of Hustle Sasa, a smartphone software aimed at assisting creatives in managing their creative economy.

They expressed their delight at being a part of this game-changing fusion of art and technology that would assist the next generation of African creatives to get paid to do what they love.

The thing that got fans excited more than anything though is that they got to see their favourite group together again.

Are you still holding on that they won’t break up? Or are you looking forward to seeing what they are going to accomplish individually?