RHONairobi: We Loved This Star And So Will You

Everything you need to know from the first episode.

By  | Feb 24, 2023, 02:12 PM

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The first episode of The Real Housewives of Nairobi has finally aired. Everyone had something to say about it before it went live with many doubting its authenticity and criticising it for not being original content.

The same folk were glued to their television sets watching the show and they admit that it is actually better than they thought it’ll be. If you have watched any other versions, Lagos or Durban, you will already have a clue of how these shows play out and the elements involved. 

You will know that the characters have different personalities - from the meanest to the crowd favourite. Minnie has already been dubbed the ‘Queen of Shade’ and she is proud to wear that hat. Kaittany is already proving that she is the undisputable queen of fashion.

Oh wait, I’ve just realised that I might be doing the spoiler alert thing. If you want to find out what to expect from the rest, YAZA Kenya dived into the first episode and wrote this review.