Are They Friends Or Enemies?

Is Your BFF Really Your Frenemy?

By  | Sep 07, 2021, 02:20 PM

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Who better understands this world than your favourite celebrity? They live through a rollercoaster of such drama for everyone to see. It’s one of the things the entertainment scene has embraced so dearly.
But you, you surely don’t have the energy, let alone the time, to keep alternating friends at will; dropping and picking up new people and at times having to swallow the humble pie and amend a broken bridge because you so badly need the help.
You want to have people who will stick by you during the good moments and the very ugly ones. The ones they call “ride or die''. Yeah, this is what you are ultimately looking for. And because The Hot Box desires the best for you, we have asked our truest friend YAZA to share some helpful tips.

First, What Kind Of Friend Are You?

We have all watched a television show that has a tiny neat group of friends who always confide in one another. These groups have all sorts of characters in them. From the most logical to the weird who just literally lives in the moment. I’ll bet that you have something similar going on in your friendship huddle. But the more interesting question is, which of these characters best describes you?

Find out here.

How To Keep Friendships Alive

Apart from your million dollar house, car or shoes, the next thing that really needs high maintenance is your friendships. These are not checked-in into a garage or some exclusive service provider to get polished. Friendships require real work. Not from anyone else but you. 

You will understand that it’s not always going to be plain-sailing with your people which is why you need to know how to keep the glue that stuck you together in the first place.

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Bestie or Frenemy?

So I heard that Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and the men and women are merely players.” 

Well, does this capture the kinds of friendships you’ve nurtured? Are people walking in on you with the friendship tag only when they need you? Then walk out at will when you need them? Sometimes it takes a tragedy to figure out who your “real” friends are but we don’t want you to live through this experience.

To know the company you are keeping, go here.