Talia Oyando Celebrates Finding Of Missing Girl

DCI exposes cartel organizing endless orgy parties!

By  | Nov 21, 2020, 12:18 PM 

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Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are investigating an online ring which lures young high school girls into sex parties that go on for days.

DCI confirmed the shocking news in a Saturday morning post on its official Twitter account which begins by saying, "Detectives are investigating an online cartel that has been luring high school girls from their homes for partying orgies that goes on for days."

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The announcement follows the viral incident of a missing girl named Shanice which was highlighted by celebrities including Talia Oyando. The 16-year-old high school girl along with her six missing friends were yesterday rescued by Kenyan police after going missing for five days.

The young girls were lured out of their homes in Nairobi's Komarock estate after being promised to be auditioned. "Preliminary investigations by the DCI have established the girls were lured out of their homes through a social media account named Carty-gang-ent," the DCI post confirmed. "The cartel has been using internationally-registered telephone numbers, although they operate from Nairobi."

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Shanice's cousin who started the viral hashtag #FindShanice on Instagram confirmed that the girls have been found and were in custody of the DCI as of Friday night.

"My cousin along with the other 16-year-old girls have been found. They are currently at the DCI headquarters and their parents have been notified." Talia Oyando responded to the post by saying simply, "Relief. God is good. Sending you love."

The DCI finished their Saturday morning post with a stern warning to the cartels who are taking advantage of Coronavirus school closures to lure young school girls into orgy parties, "As the investigations go on, we wish to issue a stern warning to individuals taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to prey on school girls who are at home, especially through the social media networks, that their days are numbered."

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