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Willy Paul Says He's Bigger Than Diamond
Image of Diamond and Zuchu
Are We Reading Too Much...? Diamond and Zuchu
Relationship rumors quashed
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Diamond's New Song 'Yatapita' Showing His Struggling Days Hit 1M Views
Just a day after its release
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Harmonize Pleads With Rwadese To Forgive Diamond
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Diamond Platinumz Reveals His Greatest Fear
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Diamond Flaunts His New Snake Pet, Netizens Reacts
Meet chichi
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Diamond Gets A Pet Snake (VIDEO)
Simba mpenda nyoka.
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"Tulia, Hakujui!" - Pozee Trolled For Begging Diamond
Here's what Willy Paul said to Simba.
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Diamond Hana Talanta Ni Showbiz - Eric Omondi
Kenyans are better, he says
Image of Diamond Platinumz Sister
Subtle Glimpse of Diamond Platinumz's Sister
Meet Doreen Queen and Emma Platnumz
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Diamond Responds To The Rumor Of Not Being The Father To Hamisa's Child
It's getting messy
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Hillarious Style Diamond Plans To Enter His Concert - Hata Huwezi Amini
Lakini si yeye ni Simba
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Drama As Diamond Request For Second DNA Test On Hamisa's Kid
'The kid ain't mine'
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Details: Hidden Note That Babu Tale Gave Diamond On Zuchu
Find out here
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How I Met Diamond, Zuchu Narrates
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Diamond Hands Zuchu A Gift Worth 5 Million
Aki mapenzi wewe