Sauti Sol’s Bien Confesses His Disappointment At Size 8’s Decision To Get Saved

I have never seen anyone walk away from money like that

By  | May 27, 2020, 07:16 AM  | Sauti Sol  

With everything going great in Size 8’s life at the moment, there is clearly no turning back on this journey that she started almost 7 years back.Currently beaming with joy over a career that is steadily growing, family and new money deals, Size 8 is truly one blessed woman!

Talking about new money deals, her recently launched documentary ‘Dem Wa K-South ‘ premiered on TV this week and it is through this piece of work that Bien shared his thoughts on Size 8 making the decision to abandon a tour to go get saved, something that disappointed him.

Sauti Sol’s lead singer Bien Aime has said that he was disappointed when Size 8 told him that she wanted to get saved and become a gospel singer.

 “Nilikuwa disappointed hio time, because sijawahi ona mtu akiwalk away from pesa hivyo. Yaani ni kama alichukua milioni kama 50 akaweka kwa choo na akaflash… huyu dem aliokoka in the middle of a tour,” said Bien

At the time, Sauti Sol only curtain raised during the country wide Safaricom tour.
Size 8 on the other hand said that the fame she got while she was a secular artiste drove her straight into depression because she had all she wanted, but was not her real self.

 “Immediately I got what I wanted, I started slipping into depression I cannot explain it. All that time I was a secular artiste sijawahi kunywa pombe hata siku moja naenda kwa bar nakunywa pekeangu. My relationships were not working, everywhere naonekana, I’m glowing but I am not myself, I’m so under pressure to be better than I used to be. I don’t have real friends, I started becoming a person I didn’t like and I remembered that happy girl who was in State House girls who was so happy so bubbly and I missed that born again girl. That Linet Munyali. I just missed being loved for Linet not for Size 8,” said Size 8.
We are yet to learn more about the gospel artist as the series unveils.

Photo credit: The Star