Zari Gives A Behind The Scenes Of Her Breakup With Diamond

She reveals the secrets

By  | Mar 23, 2022, 10:17 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Relationships

Zari Explains Why She Left Diamond
Since the premiere of the Young African and famous show on Netflix Zari, the boss lady has been trending for the good the bad, and the ugly.

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The show has not just increased her popularity just in Africa but globally. What that show has also done is open old wounds and bring to light things we did not know or understand about her past.

One of those things has been her relationship with her baby daddy and fellow star in the show Diamond Platinumz. Zari and Diamond had been together for four years before she called it quit on Valentine's day of 2018.

Well, it had already been in the public light that Diamond had been unfaithful to the business lady as he had publicly confessed that on national radio, what was not known to any is that he was unfaithful multiple times.

In the second episode Zari reveals that she would always try to shield Diamond for the sake of their marriage but the more she protected him and defended him is the more he kept disappointing her and cheating.

She says it got to a point where she could not take it anymore and she had to leave. It also pained her that their children were involved in the drama something she never wanted to happen.

The South African-based socialite regretted that she had everything going well for her, Diamond, and their children but he ruined it.

Zari admits that even if she wishes things could have happened differently, she is now happy and comfortable with how life has been happening for her. She also wishes Diamond well as she stressed they are not bitter exes.

In a past interview, Zari acknowledged that they are doing quite a good job at co-parenting their two children Tiffah and Prince Nillan with Diamond. Zari however has three other children with her ex-husband.

Since their separation Diamond dated Kenyan musician Tanasha Donna. The two broke up in 2020 and they had a son together. The reason behind their break up according to Tanasha in a past interview is, that she felt Diamond had stopped trying to make things work between them.

She also said that Diamond's mother had a hand in their separation as she was too controlling of her son.

As for Zari she recently revealed that she is dating businessman GK Choppa. The two are not afraid to flaunt each other on social media.

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