Poleni Zuchu Na Tanasha! Diamond And Zari Hug Tight

They are spending quality time together!

By  | Nov 06, 2020, 02:10 PM  | Zari Hassan  | Relationships

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If you missed the news on kelebrity.com, Zari is in Tanzania spending time with Diamond. The two have given fans hopes that they may be back together. However, Zari insists that it is just a co-parenting session.

The two were once the power couple of East Africa, as they served pure goals on TV, red carpet, and in music videos! Diamond has since moved on to Tanasha, and most recently, rumored to be having a thing with Zuchu.

That being said, photos of Diamond welcoming Zari at the airport have emerged. The two are seen hugging each other tightly. We wonder what Tanasha or Zuchu will think about the new reunion.

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Zari, however, has explained that the whole thing isn’t about getting back together. She and Diamond are both parents and have decided to set differences aside and raise their children.

‘There is a lot happening on social media but for me, I just brought the kids because the father wants to see them. He couldn’t travel to Tanzania because he is held up. He really missed the kids and it has been two years. It's understandable,’ Zari said.

It is worth noting that Diamond has been in touch with Zari since their break up. In fact, he bought her a Bentley. Given that he is one of the wealthiest musicians in Africa, Diamond has decided to leave his riches spread across all his children; none will suffer from poverty.

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Here are the photos that show Diamond and Zari hugging tightly at the airport:

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