Have Zari And GK Choppa Broken UP?

Actions speak louder

By  | Apr 24, 2022, 03:20 PM  | Zari Hassan  | Relationships

Zari and Gk Choppa Breakup
Word on the streets is that Zari and her boyfriend GK Choppa are no longer together barely three months after the couple announced their relationship on social media.

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The breakup rumors are a result of Zari deleting photos of her and the businessman from her social media platform. she has however retained those that they had taken with other guys included.

You are probably wondering why could the two have separated that soon, well unconfirmed rumors say that Diamond had a hand in all this as he was not impressed with GK being around his children. As you may be aware the singer is co-parenting the two children they have together.

It has further been claimed that Diamond had given Zari a choice of not having GK at their place if the relationship between the two was to go on.

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On the contrary, GK's social media is filled with Zari's photos most of which are deep and intimate, something netizens had observed in the past that he posts her more than she posts his photos on social media, concluding that Zari is not into him as much as he is into her.

If the breakup is true as has been reported by Classic, then would it mean that Zari and Diamond are still into each other?

This has come just when rumors of an engagement between Zari and GK had started spreading around. That could also explain why Zari left to visit Uganda all alone despite GK also being Ugandan.

Well in an interview with BBC this past week Diamond revealed that he still loves and respects Zari though he knew his wicked ways would not make a relationship with Zari workable something he revealed to have told Zari even before their relationship kicked off.

That however does not mean he would not want a chance with her again. Many fans came to realize that of all his baby mamas he talks about Zari more than the others.

That also came out very clearly in the Netflix show Young Famous And African where they are appearing together that Diamond still feels Zari.

Again if the breakup is indeed true what other choices does Zari have. Could she go out with Adile who appeared to be shooting his shots at her in the show?

Diamond was particularly very disappointed with him for going behind his back to make advances toward his ex, but then again does this paint Diamond as the jealous ex-lover?

Just recently rumors of him getting married to a lady from Zanzibar were started by presenters on his Wasafi radio. 

They were further fueled by his own mother who went on social media to ask him to wed the lady he had found. So if it is true that Diamond already has a woman, you would then wonder why he is so much concerned about who Zari dates. 

For now, we wait to see if Zari will make a formal announcement about the breakup like she did with Diamond.

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