Willy Paul: I Am A Rare Breed

Mwenye atanioa yuko na bahati sana

By  | Aug 06, 2021, 05:38 PM  | Willy Paul  | Relationships

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Just like Tanzania's Diamond Platnumz, our very own Willy Paul considers himself a "gift from God". Only twist is, unlike Diamond Platnumz who believes he has been sent by God to save the East African music industry, Willy Paul Msafi (real names Wilson Abubakar Radido), believes he has been sent by God for the ladies.

The singer, who has had his share of sex scandals in the past, claims that the lady who will be lucky enough to get married to him will have hit the jackpot and will therefore be the happiest woman in the world. He goes on to say, and I quote, "I am a rare breed."
"The difference between me and them is this video and the caption. Whoever Is going to be my wife, is destined for greatness! I mean look at me. Apart from singing for her everyday, she will enjoy having a faithful husband beside her. We are very rare!" Willy Paul stated earlier today.
However, when you take a close look at his life, we find this statement very contradicting because just a few months back, a lady claiming to be his baby mama,
"So I want you guys to help me get this thing to go viral please I know it is not right to @Willypaul he won’t feel well though I have to do it. So I have been pregnant for Willy Paul since December and he promised he will take responsibility for the baby. And I agreed with it to keep a secret,” said @deebaby490. But since he started ignoring me is the day he asked for sex the second time and I refused. So he told nisiwai mtafuta na nifanye kenye nataka hadi (I should not look for him and I can do what I feel like) he blocked me. I even have (his) recordings," claimed the alleged baby mama through her tiktok handle, @deebaby490, on January 5th this year.
Looking back again, remember the scandal he was involved in, of hitting a woman while on-lookers recorded the events, and he later came out saying that it was just a scene from an upcoming reality show he was working on? Well, we never saw that scene in any of his shows.
With all these scandals involving women complaining about him and his violent approach towards love and companionship, his tendency of fathering and abandoning children, one has to wonder, are these qualities of a man to considered as a gift from God?
But then again, people do change and everyone deserves a chance.
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