Willis Raburu's 'Side Chick' Sets The Record Straight

She is going through the most

By  | May 08, 2020, 12:45 PM  | Willis Raburu  | Relationships

The woman being accused of breaking up Willis Raburu's marriage has spoken out for the first time...

Miva Noella, a model from Rwanda, has been linked to the married The Citizen TV presenter after pics of her went viral on social media this week.

But Miva wants you to know the entire rumour is fake news. In fact, Miva goes as far as claiming she doesn't even knowing Willis himself!

The news presenter was rumoured to have separated from his wife Marya Prude after she allegedly discovered him cheating. The pair have reportedly parted ways and are living separately.

Following the news of their split, social media users circulated pics of Miva, who they claimed was a colleague of Willis, who just so happened to warm his bed too!

But in a screenshot of a chat between herself and blogger Edgar Obare, Miva claims that she has never even met Willis, and the whole thing is a terrible mistake!

"I don't even know the guy," she wrote.

"How can people just bad mouth somebody they never even met."

Instagram @edgarobare

Miva also took to Instagram to shoot down the rumours after getting inundated with DMs from angry fans.

She wrote on her Instagram Stories this week; “Hi everybody, I didn’t feel the need to reply to this lie, but I’m getting many DMs asking me about this and everyone deserves to know the truth. I want to let every Kenyan reading this that I don’t know the guy Twitter is portraying me to know. Thanks."

Instagram @mivanoella

Looks like the Twitter detectives got it wrong this time!

Image credit: Instagram @willisraburu