Baby Number 2 For Willis Raburu And Ivy Namu?

We were never ready!

By  | May 12, 2022, 09:44 AM  | Willis Raburu  | Relationships

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Ever since the news of their relationship was leaked to the public, media personality Willis Raburu and his baby mama Ivy Namu have been serving us couple goals and we honestly cannot complain. 

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The two seem to be going strong and steady in their relationship and even as they parent their little bazuu and we love to see it. 

If you can recall, when it was learnt that Bazuu had moved on from his relationship with Marya Prude and even gotten yet another woman (presumably Ivy) pregnant, netizens were not so pleased especially since Willis and Marya had lost a child even before their breakup. 

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The displeasure they seem to have had towards Ivy seems to have ended now and many are glad that the two have found love in each other. Just recently, the content creator took to her Instagram stories in a Q&A session where she invited her fans to ask her what was on their mind. 

As you can already imagine, many did show up with their hungry questions and it seems that most of her fans are really curious about whether she and Willis are going to be having a second child anytime soon.


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While some are curious about whether the couple is thinking of having a second child, it seems the rest believe that Ivy is already pregnant with a second child and is yet to announce this news. 

In response, Ivy has not exactly confirmed nor denied the rumors but she has come out firmly to say that being asked whether she is pregnant is a personal question, one that she does not take kindly to being asked all the time.



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Not only that, she also went ahead to add saying that whether or not she is indeed pregnant, it was up to her and Willis to break the news and they don’t need anyone’s pressure to do so.

Is it safe then to assume that she is in fact pregnant? Well, at this point in time only time will tell; a pregnancy is not exactly something one can hide for a long time. 

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But even as we keep our eyes open for that development, it was just the other day when the couple was making headlines after they took to their social media to open up about their parenting struggles. 

This was after their son had gotten ill and Ivy Namu had shared on her social media that she was feeling helpless and did not know what to do. 

"I feel so sorry for him and helpless. And I am also very tired. He is tired of the meds but hatuna otherwise. I hope today is even better than the last couple of days. For now, it’s lots of cuddles & TLC for my little one," 

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