Video Of Mama Baha Celebrating Her Son's First Achievement

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By  | Sep 20, 2022, 04:20 PM  | Relationships

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Celebrated Actress Wanjiku Mburu alias Mama Baha is over the moon celebrating her five-month-old baby's achievement.

Wanjiku was open about her pregnancy journey, She even admitted at one point that she had long struggled with infertility and was overjoyed to learn she was pregnant.

In her new Instagram account, after the last one got hacked, the mother of one can be seen gushing over her son looking all healthy and bubbly. Wanjiku is excited that he can high-five.

The actress continued by claiming that his "guka" was the one who taught the grandchild how to give high fives.

"Guka taught Jr how to high five🖐️😄." She said. She also let it slip that her son always bows in response to her clearing her throat. From the many happy videos on her IG, it is palpable that Wanjiku is enjoying her motherhood.

Mama Baha Finally Unveils Her Son's Face
Renowned actress Wanjiku Mburu, famed for her role as Mama Baha in Citizen TV's hit drama Machachari, has finally shown her fans what her son looks like.

Mburu, who welcomed her first child at the age of 39 in April 2022, shared a photo that showed her holding the toddler in her arms. However, she chose not to hide his face like the previous times.

Although it's really hard to discern what he looks like because of the angle of the photo, from the few facial features that are visible i.e. nose, cheeks, and eyes he resembles his mother.

Mburu's fans who commented on the post urged her to post more photos of her newborn, saying they want to see the fruit of her womb.

Earlier this year, the mother of one revealed how she struggled to give birth for many years so much so that she gave up on having her child.

Mburu tried getting pregnant in vain and as years passed she realized that she wasn’t getting any younger therefore the hope of having her child began to fade.

She let it slip that in 2018 she fasted and prayed hard earnestly asking God to give her child and she was promised one.

Mburu was expecting her first child in a few months after the intense fasting and praying.

“I’ve been seeking and I adore children; I’ve always worked with children (in Machachari Kids show), but not my own. Having children was something I desired, but I told myself that if I didn’t, it was fine,"

“A boy and a girl. I was like, okay, let me wait, two years later, I had not even found someone,” Mburu stated during an interview with Mpasho.

As fate would have it, she got pregnant in 2021 and was put to bed earlier this year.

Mburu is married to David Kinyast who has one child from a previous relationship. According to his profile, he is an avid cyclist.

His other interests include videography, providing emergency healthcare as a first responder, and mountaineering.

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