Vera Teases She Wants A Big Family

She'll put Brown Mauzo to work

By  | Sep 07, 2021, 06:22 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Relationships

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Vera Sidika has revealed she wants a big family via her social media account and that is something I couldn't help but chuckle at this revelation. Why you ask? Because it means that she is already plotting about her next moves after baby number 1 has arrived.

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Has any of you realized she intends to put Brown Mauzo to work? Ha! I can almost imagine her with a whip and... No! I am not going down that road!

Out of curiosity, I decided to Google the number of people who form a family in Nairobi and found that it is 2.9 individuals. Eish! How do we have a .9 (point nine) individual? That is a real head-scratcher.

As for the number of children Vera Sidika wants, she is looking at getting 3 children. That would put her family at what? people or are we supposed to round that figure up? I mean, the average family size in Kenya is 3.9 so I can only assume that means two parents and a child?

Anyway, Vera Sidika is excited about having more children and creating a bigger family and I am seated here with my ovaries echoing the sentiment. perhaps that is a sign I am in the wrong generation?

The average family size in Africa is 6.9 and I have to wonder whether this figure encompasses polygamy or children of a certain age. Whatever the case, be sure that Vera is more than willing to have a huge family if her pockets and purse allow for it.

Brown Mauzo on the flipside is busy marketing his new song that is set to be released on Monday but... And this is where you move in closer so I can whisper a secret... He will get to the figure long before Vera because he has a daughter by the name of Lareeesa.

Ayo, you'd better keep my secret because I went to great length -yes, bundle cost is great length when you earn what I do- to find out he has a daughter, after all, Instagram is punitive to bundles.

By the way (I should just start writing B.T-dubs) Vera is serious about having a big family and she's even trying to map the age differences and the years in which she will bear Brown Mauzo's children. This is a level of dedication even I admire.

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She is maintaining her silence as to the preferred gender of the children but that is simply because it does not matter. What she wants is a happy family with Brown Mauzo but I have to ask the question lingering in everyone's mind... What of the wedding?

Nah, really, as much as women dream about their families, we also dream about the wedding. And I am pretty sure that Vera will want a grand ceremony. Why is she maintaining her silence on the matter?

Anyway, Brown Mauzo is dancing, no doubt to get his stamina up because he can appreciate the amount of work staring him in the face. So let him get all the cardio he needs in so that when Madam Sidika finally decides the time is right, he is ready.

I should probably conclude with some catchphrase but I am struggling with my desire for a big family so lemme just remain silent and anticipate the moment  Mr Man is finally ready!

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