Sidika's Love Don't Cost A Thing

So how did Brown Mauzo pay up?

By  | Sep 02, 2021, 01:51 PM  | Vera Sidika  | Relationships

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With a hop and a skip of her Twitter fingers across her keyboard, Vera Sidika has let us in on her little secret: she loves her hubby, Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika despite the fact she had quite a few wealthy suitors would always choose him. Pull up closer and let me share her little secret.

Brown Mauzo is not exactly the richest artist in Kenya and his pockets are far lighter than some of the men who were after Vera Sidika but -and this is where his quality truly shines through- his wife is the centre of his world.

Yup, and make no mistakes about it, Vera was a globe-trotting baddie who has been around the world and met several millionaires but out of all those men, her heart only goes a pitter-patter for the crooner, Brown Mauzo.

Referring to them as Mbaba, she explained the magic her Prince Charming wields so seductively, being reliable. Ladies, can I get an amen? How many times have we yearned for a man who we could depend upon through everything life throws our way?

And Brown Mauzo has been there, right by her side, throughout her pregnancy, ensuring she is not just well taken care of but their unborn baby too gets his attention. And the lover-boy has done everything, he has been singing for both mama and the baby.

But Vera's secret had a second part to it... A more titillating addendum... Move closer and I'll whisper it to you. But promise me you'll keep it between us. Here goes.

Apparently in Kenya, a lot of the mbabas who flaunt their wealth got it all from their banks. Yup, the facade is built on a loan. And I don't need you leaking this tidbit because even though we don't know whom she is speaking about, we do know one Kenyan celeb who would fit the billing and that man is Jimal Roho Safi.

Remember when he was revealed to be Ksh 320 million in debt? And that revelation was made by his wife Amira while he was busy whining and dining Amber Ray about town. Scandalous much? But you won't get a peep more out of me.

Alright, just one more morsel. Jimal Roho Safi -his real name is Jamal Marlow by the way- did admit to owning that monumental debt BUT he spun it around saying that it was a good thing, a mark of just how great he is. After all, think of the type of money you have to be transacting for the bank to allow you to borrow over Ksh 300 million from them?!

Meanwhile, I am stuck here trying to coax these fintech-apps to overlook the previous times I missed my deadline to pay them back their Ksh 1,500 I keep borrowing every month. Anyway, wacha kila mtu apambane na hali yake.

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