Mad Love For Hubby's 'Giriama' Language

Vera crazy for Brown's lingo

By  | Aug 20, 2021, 09:59 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Relationships

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Vera Sidika just can't hide her immense love for her husband, Mombasa-based singer Brown Mauzo. She has this morning taken to social media to profess her love for the father of her unborn child and has revealed some intimate information about her lover.

Ever since socialite turned businesswoman Vera Sidika got pregnant with Brown Mauzo's child, the two have been the talk of the town, making rounds on the internet and trending on all sorts of platforms and now, just two months to giving birth, Vera Sidika is feeling the love to the toes.

This morning she revealed what she loves most about her hubby through her social media page. She first started by spilling the beans about his ethnic background. She exposes that Brown Mauzo's father was Giriama, while his mother is Kamba. That's not the juice though. She goes on to reveal that she gets so turned on when Brown speaks in his native language, Giriama.

She explains that when he starts talking on the phone in the Giriama language, she can't help but ogle right into his eyes as she loses herself in his voice. She insists that this drives her crazy. She says that she really loves the fact that he is Giriama, though he was raised by his Kamba single mom after his father passed away when he was still very young. For some reason, she really goes on to praise Giriama men.

When done expressing all these deep lovey-dovey feelings, Vera completely loses it on her posts and starts saying how much and just how deeply in love she is with her husband. So much that you may even feel the love through the screen.
"God knew he is the one. That is why He saved the best for the last," Vera Sidika concluded.

It is actually nice to see that Vera has finally found the love of her life and that she is extremely happy about it. The scandals and judgment that this strong lady has gone through over the years have been nothing short of harsh.

From being a popular video vixen to a scandalous socialite, to finally grow into a successful businesswoman, public figure, social media influencer, wife, and mother, Vera Sidika's life is truly an inspiring journey. One that inspires positive change especially to the young aspiring girls out here.

Vera owns a couple of businesses in Nairobi and Mombasa, the most successful of them being her spa, name VS Spa which is situated in Nyali. Apart from that, she also endorses multiple products through her well-established social media accounts that command a huge following.

She is not the only one celebrating success in the family, as husband Brown Mauzo just recently released his latest single and music video, "Like you", which is a dedication to Vera Sidika by the way.

The two seem to be doing very well as they are seen taking lavish trips to expensive places all over the country while posting every single moment of it all for the fans to witness. We at Kelebrity are happy for the couple and wish them well as they start their lives together.

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