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Amazing Brown Mauzo displays of love for Vera

By  | Aug 17, 2021, 08:30 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Relationships

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Brown Mauzo has tattooed Vera Sidika's name on his inner biceps and there is no more serious display of love than something of this level of permanence.

This has caused a stir online but it is a really artsy gesture of romance when you think about it.

Now it has become very clear why Vera Sidika has such a beautiful glow about her and why she beams with so much positive energy -she has a man who celebrates her every single day.

Speaking of how he celebrates her every day, there are a few instances of these celebrations that really stood out to us. We came up with 5 of the most romantic displays of affection Brown Mauzo has showered Vera Sidika with and they are bound to tug at your heart strings.

Let's delve right into the matter and count them down from the most recent display of how overwhelming his love for her is:

#1. Getting her name tattooed
Brown Mauzo decided to surprise Vera Sidika with a gift that she cannot carry around but he definitely will: a tattoo of her name on his biceps.

Taking to his social media account, he showed off the finished artwork as well as the process of getting said tattoo and she cooed lovingly at such a thoughtful gift.

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#2. Serenading Vera at a club

Brown Mauzo made a surprise appearance at a club he knew Vera Sidika had patronized and he sang his heart out to his lady love.

She was not expecting him to be in attendance and was caught off-guard by this very public and talented display of affection.

#3. Taking her on holiday

Bwana Brown has been very active at collecting stamps on his passport as he and Vera joined the mile high club as they set off for trips and holidays.

Trust that they had their cellphones right along with them so they documented every loving moment of the relationship.

#4. Publicly declaring his love for her

When they first started dating, Brown Mauzo was aware of the reputation Vera Sidika had.

This did little to stop him from claiming her as his beau and declaring his love for her regardless of what people have to say.

And she has taken note of this. She has revealed that he is the first man to treat her like a lady and allow her to drop her guard.

Everywhere they go, he ensures she is not only safe but that she is well taken care of. He makes sure we, the adoring public understand that theirs is genuine love and it should be respected.

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#5. Making Vera his muse

The crooner has made Vera Sidika his muse and as a result, he has recorded several songs not only celebrating her beauty but their love as well.

And you can tell that Vera Sidika appreciates this because she is always praising and helping to market his music using her immense online presence.

Not only has he made her his muse but he has also sang several songs with her including the very popular jam, Utanizalia.

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All in all, things look as if they have turned out well for Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo and we here at Kelebrity wish them nothing but their best and may their love story be a long and happy one.

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