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The couples that got engaged in 2021!

By  | Jun 19, 2021, 05:23 PM  | Relationships

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How does that saying go? 'love makes the whole world go round.'
And what other bigger sign of love and devotion is there apart from a ring on the finger?
For some reason, we Kenyans are just filled with delight when two celebrities who have been together for a long time or who have been suspected t have been in a secret relationship finally open up to the crown and announce that they have been together for a very long time now and are now stepping into wanting to give each other the rest of their lives! (remember when DJ Mo and Size 8 made it official and all the people that watched them were elated?) 
It's like watching a Disney movie and finally seeing the prince and the princess end up together and living happily ever after!
Here, we've made a small list of the lovebirds that finally made the step to marriage and got gainfully engaged this year!

Ezra and Isha

Ezra, the founder of the FBI dance crew and the CEO of Mzuka Dance Awards just proposed to his girlfriend of several years Isha in what seemed like the most elaborate and expensive setup over in Dubai.
The couple was there for a vacation but Erza had been planning to propose to her the entire time they were there.
Congratulations to the happy couple!

Guardian Angel and Esther

Guardian Agel and his fiancee Esther Musila announced their engagement much to the surprise of many people who did not expect such a move from him.
His fiancee, who is decades older than him, however, seems very happy. Clearly, the two are deeply in love and do not care what others say about them behind their backs. For sure, love has no age, love is just love. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Kansiime and Skylanta

Kansiime has obviously been one of the luckiest women to talk this earth because as many know of her story, she has moved from an incredibly toxic relationship where she did not even conceive in many years to having a baby with her boyfriend and finally turning from a basic relationship to a marriage to come!
She is always happy on her social media and we wish her all the very best in the future. 

Tileh Pacbro and Martina

The two have faced a whole lot of backlash on the relationship, mostly because their haters insisted that she was too attractive for him.  
Nonetheless, clearly, the two are very much still in love with each other and they are even looking forward to having their first child!
Even though they still get haters they don't care because in the end, Love triumphs all! 
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