This Is Why Pritty Vishy Is Single

She says it's not about looks.

By  | Dec 06, 2022, 03:21 PM  | Relationships

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After her break up drama with Stevo Simple Boy, and her short kiki romance with singer Madini Classic, Pritty Vishy seems has grown disillusioned about men, and the potential of ever being in a relationship.

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The socialite and online influencer has gone on a tirade against men on her Instagram, and has defended her single status by saying that it has nothing to do with her looks. Instead, she thinks men are the problem, and that they can never be faithful to one woman.

In a rant disguised as relationships advise, Pritty Vishy had this to say:

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"Let me just remind you..meeeeehn are never satisfied hunny..let no man make you change your personality, shape career for him to be with you. A man will have a very nice figure, classy and a wife at home and still chieft [cheat] with a fat, unshaped (fupi round) who is a maid🤭🤭...main message don't let a man tell you what to do,who to be,and the kind of a body he want juu bado ata CHEEEEAT😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️"
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Grand words coming from Vishy who herself admitted that she cheated on Stevo Simple Boy when they were together. She explained in an interview how the relationship was never fun mainly because of Stevo's lack of vibes and attention to her feelings.

She explained to Eve Mungai that the rapper's belief in no sex before marriage contributed to them not being intimate and became a deal breaker for her.  She explained that they never even kissed let alone getting any form of intimacy while dating.

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Responding to Daddy Owen's rejection
When Daddy Owen indicated that he was looking for a partner, Vishy responded by showing interest for the Mbona hitmaker.

The content creator made her intentions known through her social media by saying this: "Na sasa si mniambililie Daddy Owen niko single pia na bila filter mimi ni mweusi si mchocolate ata sijui mtu anaeza kuwa mchocolate aje. Pia napenda maobi sanaa. Ifikie Daddy Owen."

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Well things did not go well as as Daddy Owen turned Pritty Vishy's advances down saying she does not meet the criteria of the kind of woman he was looking for. In a statement Owen made on his Instagram he explains that the competition is tough for Pritty Vishy to win.

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Vishy shot back during an interview with Ankali Ray on Milele FM saying that the qualities Daddy Owen is looking for are impossible to find in a woman in Kenya. She sarcastically suggested that he tries finding a woman in Uganda maybe he will find some luck there.
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