The Most Crushed On Celebs In Kenya

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By  | Oct 13, 2021, 10:45 AM  | Relationships

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We all have that one celeb that just…gets us. If they act -they act just as we wished they would if they sing -their voice sounds like angels, they always look perfect, their personality -chefs’ kiss, their personality shines like the sun, their hair sits just right and if you didn’t assume by now, they hit that gym on the daily like there’s nothing else. Sigh –the gloriousness of it all.

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Speaking of crushes, here, we’ve made a small list of Kenya’s most revered and crushed on celebs. Their photos almost always go viral, their pics are almost always thirst traps and let’s not get started on the unhinged comments under their IG posts!

Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande is quite literally those celebrities that in one way or another, you’re gonna hear about or see –and most of it isn’t even because they're chasing clout, they just got that star power!

Aside from killing it on our screens in her powerful performance as Nana on Kina, Sanaipei has been killing it on the social media scene as well

Just the other day, the songwriter/singer went viral on all Social media platforms when a snippet of a recent photo shoot went viral, highlighting her gorgeous curves! And boy, did it go viral! 

Sanaipei had the entire internet singing her tunes because, at 36, you would be bluffing if you said she didn’t look like she had just turned 26!

A tweet saying Sana was probably everybody’s celebrity crush (regardless of gender) at some point because she’s been fly for decades.

Otile Brown

Admit it, we all love us some bongo fava in these streets, we always have.

So is that’s why Otile Brown has been making a killing with almost all of his jams? Absolutely not!

Otile Brown is not only classically handsome, but he’s also got a great voice, a well-sculpted bod, and his personality is a gentle as his music is –He takes the second spot on the list because why not? Even the Queen Vee fell helplessly in love with him.

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Huddah Monroe

Huddah is not in Kenya, but the girl still keeps us on our toes with those pics, I say!

Huddah created a neat spot for herself in the entertainment scene and she has not moved an inch, because as you can guess, she is many, many men’s ultimate Instagram girl –a teeny waist, gorgeous skin, a beautiful face and not to mention that 8-shaped bawdy!


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