The Essential Akothee Guide For Single Mums

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By  | Aug 20, 2021, 11:19 AM  | Relationships

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Akothee is back at it again dishing out pragmatic advice to single mothers who would do good to listen and take heed. In a long post on her social media, the mother of five gave some practical steps that came in 6 easy pointers.

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Let's begin:

1-One has to deal with pain
She said that pain was always going to be inevitable, explaining that one will never enjoy happiness if they haven't felt how it feels to be sad.

2-One has to be honest
The singer went on to tell single moms about the importance of being honest. She noted that having the trait in one's life can help one navigate through the challenges that one might face.

3-Don't compare yourself with others
The beloved businesswoman also told women not to compare their lives with other people. She opined that because each person's life is different with things like different backgrounds, ethnic groups and race, one should avoid comparisons that would rob them of joy.

4-Plan your finances
The Sweet Love singer also wrote about finances telling new mothers that they would have to step up their game in this department regardless of whether the father was a billionaire or a deadbeat.

She encouraged single mums who found it hard to save, telling them that they shouldn't be too hard on themselves as they were making an investment in those kids.

5-Don't sleep with your baby daddy
The hilarious celeb who has had the privilege of having 3 different fathers to her 5 kids, had something to say on co-parenting.

She warned women to be cautious about sleeping with their baby daddies once the relationship is done. She said that these women risked getting hurt, telling those women that they didn't have to give up the goods for child support.

6-How to date as a single mother
Her last point was also an illuminating one, telling single moms who wanted to date that they should date but know the pros and cons beforehand. She said that it can be a blessing or a curse.

One salient point she added was that single moms should always do background checks on the men they date. This isn't the first time that Akothee has delivered such sage advice.

Akothee knowledge comes from the many experiences that she has had in her life. Her first marriage was highly instructive in how it molded her thoughts on the institution.

She got married at 14 to the father of her first 3 girls, Jared. The two lived in harmony for a time with the couple aiming for the good life. She also noted that he was selfless towards the family.

She explained that she was always submissive towards him and took her wifely duties seriously. But that was the best they would go as their marriage hit the rocks abruptly with physical abuse occurring.

Akothee narrated the sad ending in a Facebook post, writing;

One reason I like Akothee's advice is that it comes from a place of concern and understanding. And that she wants the best for her fans and followers. You can clearly see that she wants women to avoid the pitfalls she passed through and that is something I believe we should want in our stars.

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