Is Jamal Gaddafi Tanasha’s New Man?

Their relationship is in question.

By  | Jun 04, 2020, 08:42 AM  | Tanasha Donna  | Relationships

When Kenyan socialite and musician, Tanasha Donna left Tanzania after a huge breakup with former lover and baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz, there was a special place prepared for her by Jamal Gadaffi to confide in.

Jamal really offered a shoulder for her to lean on when things were at their worst for the Kenyan singer. It is no surprise that the two have cultivated a seemingly close relationship that has become too close for comfort and people are starting to notice that this relationship might be more than just a friendship.

The pair is now more than ever almost inseparable. They even started supporting a children’s home in Eastleigh. With this initiative, she went ahead to open a foundation, Tanasha Donna Community Service that seems to be managed by Jamal.

During an interview with Willy M Tuva, she was asked to define their relationship and without mincing words, giggled and responded:

‘’Jamal is in my team, I have a very small team and we are all very hard working. Jamal is also helping manage a few of my things. We are just one team with one dream. Jamal is my brother, I know his sister and he has a very beautiful wife and a beautiful child as well, and I respect them fully. Jamal is just my brother, he is my family na hata mwenyewe aliulizwa hilo swali and he made it clear that we are just a team and we are very professional but always watu watatafuta something to say, out of anything.’’
She recently dropped a jam, Sawa, which very many people believe insinuated she had found new love and is happily moving on from her past relationship with Tanzanian Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz.

However, one thing is still questionable. Tanasha has promoted the former’s ‘Quarantine’ song, on her social media page yet he has not even mentioned anything to do with her new project. 

Anyway, whatever we make of this, we cannot make any conclusions yet because the two have buried the hatchet and are back on speaking terms which is a good first step. At least they now have a cordial relationship.

Photo credit: Nairobi Wire