Baby Mama Friendship That Is Causing A Buzz

They say its maturity

By  | Apr 04, 2022, 03:56 PM  | Tanasha Donna  | Relationships

Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna Share Some Love
An unlikely friendship has appeared to be growing between two celebs whom you would not expect.

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Tanasha Donna and Hamisa Mobetto have lately been seen to be sharing a very close relationship between them. The reason this is strange is that the two are baby mamas to the same man who is none other than Diamond Platinumz.

In a recent photo, Tanasha shared on Instagram with her son Naseeb Junior Hamisa was among the first people to comment with some love emojis to which Tanasha replied with a "Nakupenda." ( I love you).

Hamisa shares a child with Diamond whom they had together while Diamond was already in a relationship with his other baby mama Zari the Boss Lady.

It is at that time when it came to light that Hamisa had been all along Diamond's side chic. At the time the two were working together with Hamisa as a vixen.

In her appearance on the Netflix show Young African And Famous, Zari revealed that the reason she left Diamond
was because of his continuous unfaithfulness and contempt towards her. Apparently, it was Hamisa he was cheating with.

After the breakup between Diamond and Zari, the Mtasubiri hitmaker then hooked up with Tanasha Donna whom they had baby Naseeb together.

Their marriage also came to an end as Tanasha blamed it on Diamond for giving up on the relationship out of his mother's influence.

The breakup between Tanasha and Diamond appeared to have cemented the relationship between the two baby mamas.

Two months ago while Hamisa was visiting Kenya she visited Tanasha and the two had a girl's date and even posted photos of them together having a good time.

Tanasha and Hamisa are in fact not just besties but also business partners. For your information, it is Hamisa who styled Tanasha in her song featuring Masauti called Liar.

Netizens however noticed that the baby mamas club is not complete without Zari. Word on the streets is that Tanasha and Zari don't see eye to eye. This was not always the case as the two were once friends.

Whether their differences are rooted in their baby daddy is hard to tell, but what has had netizens celebrating the most is the maturity that has been shown between Hamisa and Tanasha in their friendship.

Another baby mama friendship that has been amazing to netizens over time is that between Diana Marua and Yvette Obura as the two share Bahati as their baby daddy.

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