Size 8 Is Afraid Slay Queens May Ruin Her Relationship

The thought keeps her up at night

By  | Jun 10, 2020, 08:10 AM  | Size 8  | Relationships

It is not all bliss and happiness in Size 8 and DJ Mo’s relationship. The couple that has been a sight to behold when it comes to dating and relationships for their seemingly perfect relationship also deal with real life problems and get their relationship tested just like anybody else.

Now that we can actually have a front row seat to their normal lives on their new reality TV show, we keep learning a lot of new things about this celebrity couple and the different dynamics to their relationship.

Size 8 is among other things bothered by some women on social media who wake up with the thought of ruining other people’s marriages and relationships. Not that she is insecure, but just like most women, Size 8 can’t help but overthink when it comes to these people she only coins as ‘devils.’
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“I do not know how you deal with these tiny devils, yes let me call them devils, who wake up in the morning with the sole purpose of destroying your marriage,”
Addressing the issue, DJ Mo blames these thoughts on his wife’s insecurity and pettiness considering that he has to explain himself each time Size 8 spots him in the company of a beautiful lady.
''Sometimes a client will innocently come in and chat me up or hug me and after that I will have to give explanations. That itself is a big problem.'' Explains DJ Mo
This comes barely a week after Size 8 publicly revealed that her husband had been starving her for almost 3 weeks. DJ Mo on the other hand put the blame on his wife for going to bed in very large T-shirts that are not enticing.

Seems like DJ Mo will not ‘die’ in this movie and has a comeback to every punch thrown at him which is typical of this couple.

 Photo Credit : Zuri news