Kenyans Accuse Bien Of Being Lazy In Bed

Singer can't giver her enough

By  | Jun 11, 2021, 06:58 PM  | Sauti Sol   | Relationships

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Kenyans have accused singer Bien Barasa of not satisfying his wife in bed.

Their accusations come after the Kenyan musical artists claimed that he is in an open relationship with his Nigerian wife Chiki Kuruka.

Speaking at an interview, the Sauti Sol band member revealed that he has no problem with his wife sleeping with any man she desires.

The Susana hitmaker further noted that Chiki too does not have a problem when he sleeps with any Nairobi's slay queen.

According to Bien, he and the former radio queen had an agreement to be in an open relation way back when they were still dating.

"I and Chiki have this thing where if I ever meet my celebrity crush somewhere and I am in a situation where my celebrity crush wants to engage in coitus with me, then so be it and vice versa," Bien said in an interview during their reality show, Sol Family as reported by Sonkonews.

"I don’t have a problem with it if that is what she wants, she should get it. You can’t stop a human being from doing that," he added.

Bien further noted that anytime his wife sleeps with another man, he doesn't feel bad or get jealous instead he feels happy for her.

Bien noted that he had always felt bad for his wife when anytime other "hotter" men hitten on her

"There was a day I went to a club with Chiki in Nigeria, I even felt bad for her. I told her, “The guys here are looking so hot, I feel so bad for you". Bien was quoted by Sonkonews.

Bein's statement has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans on Twitter. Some of the online users accused Bien and Sauti Sol members of being weird.

Others noted that Bien lucked sexual prowess, therefore, he was looking for a leeway to avoid his wife. They further noted that the singer was just finding a way to cheat on his wife.

On her side, Bien's wife, Chiki Kuruka noted that the singer's sentiments were taken out of context.

This follows sentiments they made on Sol Family that suggested they were free to lust over other celebrities. According to Chiki, Bien was just making a light joke from the sentiment.

Speaking to Standard Entertainment, Chiki, however, noted that they are in a relationship full of honesty and openness where they can easily speak about their relationship.

“Bien and I were cracking jokes on Sol Family, and that’s how a comment was interpreted. However, we both deeply agree with honesty and communication, even if that includes lusting over celebs," she told the Standard publication.

Asked further about being in an open relationship, Chiki never denied or agreed. She noted that she would not want to indulge in much in her relationship.
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